If you live in the Columbus area are you are the least bit familiar with the restaurant scene here then you most assuredly know Liz Lessner. She’s the brains behind some of my favorite bars/restaurants in town like Tip Top and Dirty Franks downtown as well as Betty’s and Surly Girl in the short north area.

She’s also big on keeping her businesses socially and environmentally responsible so it didn’t surprise me at all to see her on Countdown this week smacking down Boehner and his plan to bring back the GOP policies that brought about the current financial crisis.

(Here’s a Link to the video on MSNBC)

Here we have a real small business owner whose businesses employ many central Ohioans – the kind of small business owner that the Republicans claim to want to help – supporting the President and dismissing the GOP.

I can’t wait to see Boehner’s response.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve historically held to the line that “columbus is an overgrown cow town with no personality that keeps annexing its suburbs and cleveland is the only real city in the state,” but “the mistake on the lake” has so thoroughly embraced the moniker that i now live in envy of our state capital.

  • There are good and bad things about both towns. But the restaurant scene in Columbus has really blown up in the past decade. And every day more and more good restaurants are opening downtown.

  • Anonymous

    I attended osu for a couple years in the early 80s and left with a bland impression of the town, but on a couple of recent visits (concert, zoo, associated meanderings) I was highly impressed with cbus. Good job down there.

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