The bombshell really had nothing to do with Lehman Brothers.  Instead, it has to do with a company called Invacare, an Ohio medical manufacturing company that is the world’s leader in building wheelchairs and other home medical goods.  John Kasich sits on their Board of Directors.

I’ll let the Strickland campaign ad (the second one they released today) take it from here:

John Kasich has presented his entire campaign as being the jobs candidate, but as you can see, when John Kasich had the opportunity to keep jobs here in Ohio, he voted to ship them to China and Mexico, personally.  We’re not talking about an academic debate as to whether free trade deals Kasich supported resulted in manufacturing jobs going from Ohio to China and Mexico. We’re talking about John Kasich, personally, voting on a proposal to ship hundreds of Ohio manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico.  No inference needed.  Up or down, and John Kasich voted for China’s economy over Ohio’s in 2006.

And in 2007,  he had the gall to start a run for Governor declaring himself a “jobs” candidate.

This ad is the tipping point in the race.  It’s where months about talking about Lehman Brothers, Wall Street, and Kasich’s trade votes on NAFTA, China, and others on converge into a single crystallizing moment to reveal the “real” John Kasich: a conservative ideologue who worships at the feet of corporate America time and time again at the expense of Ohioans’ best interest and attempts to use crisis after crisis as nothing more than a pathetic attempt to justify his radical agenda.


John Kasich isn’t about creating or saving jobs in Ohio.  Look what he did at Invacare.

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  • Karl

    Wait. You can’t be serious.
    This is more of a wet fart than a “tipping point” A-Bomb of mass destruction.

  • Anastasjoy

    Invacare …. hmmm? Isn’t their CEO Mal Mixon who … oh yes:

    “Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich is coming to Northeast Ohio July 22 to attend a fund-raiser packed with GOP heavy-hitters. Hosted at the Hunting Valley home of Jon and Ginny Lindseth, the event is co-chaired by numerous GOP executives, including Invacare CEO Malachi Mixon, Park-Ohio Holdings Corps. CEO Edward Crawford and Terry Fergus, president of FSM Capital Management LLC in Cleveland. To get listed as a co-chair, the executives had to raise $25,000.”

    Gee, I wonder if there’s a spot on Kasich’s new, privatized, bonused-to-the-gills development group with Mr. Mixon’s name on it?

  • Predicting a bad week for Team Kasich next week. It’s going to be mighty hard for them to talk about jobs in any context when John PERSONALLY signed off on shipping them overseas and out of Ohio.

    So Mary Taylor personally advised companies to leave Ohio and John Kasich personally FIRED 300 Ohioans and sent their jobs to China?

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Modern Esquire

    Konservative Karl–

    Go troll somewhere else. If you can vote for someone who acted to ship jobs overseas and then turn around and claim to be the “jobs” candidate for Governor, go right ahead. I don’t think alot of Ohioans will disagree that this is a non-story.

  • Modern Esquire

    Gee, I wonder…. hmmm…

    Yeah, this isn’t a one-day story, huh, Anastasia?

  • Anonymous

    Yep, and it’s going to be hard to call this irrelevant, too. It just happened four years ago–a year before he began his run for the Governorship. And both the ORP and RGA did things to make trade votes a centerpiece of their silly attempts to equate Strickland’s record on trade to Kasich’s.

    Like I said yesterday morning, the RGA made a huge miscalculation when they went there. Stupid, stupid, stupid move on their part. Great job on the Chinese takeout box, btw. Thanks!

  • Dave

    This is a good hard ad. Not exactly secret info, so it’s hard to believe Kasich wouldn’t be aware and have a formulated response is. The best response, would be something like, “Invacare would be doomed by the competition if they didn’t do this, so they had to do it to save what jobs they could.” Ugh. Not a great argument, and it’s bad when you’re on defense anyway, but it just might be The Truth.
    Not a big fan of Kasich here, and definitely not impressed by his campaign so far, yet he leads in the polls. Will be interesting to see if this has an impact. Historically, it should. But it depends on what response, if any.

  • Karl

    Invacare responds with a serious a-bomb slap down of it’s own:

    “On behalf of Invacare Corporation’s 1,300 associates in Northeast Ohio and 6,200 associates worldwide, the Company is very disappointed that its home-state governor would attack it in a campaign commercial. Invacare is proud to call Lorain County and Ohio its home and is proud of the contributions its associates make here every day. Since 1979, Invacare has grown from a local manufacturing company with 350 associates to a global organization with 1,300 associates in Ohio and a total of 6,200 associates worldwide. In fact, Invacare recently celebrated its 30th anniversary under current management with an associate celebration where it was honored for its commitments to the community”

  • Anonymous

    nice to see they didn’t address the issue raised in the ad.

  • Modern Esquire

    Frankly, I WANT a Governor who’s willing to stand up to corporations in Ohio that aren’t doing things in our interest, like outsourcing manufacturing jobs.

    There’s actually nothing of substance in that response, at all. No defense of their decision to outsource hundreds of jobs in Ohio. Nothing.

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  • Billpeterson

    So a company that employs 1,300 ohioans is an enemy of Ohio?

  • No, “Bill”. Please pay attention. The company is not an enemy of Ohio at all. The real enemy is a candidate for Governor bashing the incumbent on “jobs” when he PERSONALLY sent hundreds of Ohio JOBS to China and Mexico. I mean Invacare could employ 1,500…1,600…maybe more. But John Kasich decided against Ohio working families and FOR outsourcing. That’s the point.

    He didn’t vote for some legislation here or advocate some position. He signed his name on the line which is dotted to send nearly 300 Ohio jobs to China and Mexico. To then make your entire campaign about bringing jobs to Ohio while bashing an incumbent who is doing just that smacks as…I dunno…hypocritical and dishonest?

  • Anastasjoy

    So then, you think it’s OK for the governor to say, “Maybe Ohio lost 300,000 jobs but if we hadn’t let those go, we’d have lost another 600,000”? You’d mock him for that — rightfully. A company that ships a bunch of jobs overseas and justifies it by saying “Well, we kept a few” is certainly the enemy of the workers who got laid off. This is truly feeble stuff from Kasich and Invacare.

  • Modern Esquire

    You’ve never criticized a friend?

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