The bombshell really had nothing to do with Lehman Brothers.  Instead, it has to do with a company called Invacare, an Ohio medical manufacturing company that is the world’s leader in building wheelchairs and other home medical goods.  John Kasich sits on their Board of Directors.

I’ll let the Strickland campaign ad (the second one they released today) take it from here:

John Kasich has presented his entire campaign as being the jobs candidate, but as you can see, when John Kasich had the opportunity to keep jobs here in Ohio, he voted to ship them to China and Mexico, personally.  We’re not talking about an academic debate as to whether free trade deals Kasich supported resulted in manufacturing jobs going from Ohio to China and Mexico. We’re talking about John Kasich, personally, voting on a proposal to ship hundreds of Ohio manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico.  No inference needed.  Up or down, and John Kasich voted for China’s economy over Ohio’s in 2006.

And in 2007,  he had the gall to start a run for Governor declaring himself a “jobs” candidate.

This ad is the tipping point in the race.  It’s where months about talking about Lehman Brothers, Wall Street, and Kasich’s trade votes on NAFTA, China, and others on converge into a single crystallizing moment to reveal the “real” John Kasich: a conservative ideologue who worships at the feet of corporate America time and time again at the expense of Ohioans’ best interest and attempts to use crisis after crisis as nothing more than a pathetic attempt to justify his radical agenda.


John Kasich isn’t about creating or saving jobs in Ohio.  Look what he did at Invacare.

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