I’m a big fan of Janet Napolitano and think she would have been a great choice for Secretary of Homeland Security had she not been the sitting Governor of a state that would immediately replace her with a crazed, anti-immigrant, right-wing lunatic.

I thought it was a bad idea at the time and the events of the past few months have shown that my initial reaction was absolutely correct.

When I talk about crazed, anti-immigrant, right-wing lunatics, I speak, of course, of Jan Brewer.

Brewer replaced Napolitano right after Jan’s appointment and just in time to sign in to law Arizona’s controversial new anti-immigrant policies.

I hate to pick on the President. He’s made a few bad choices but a shit load of good ones too.

But doing a set of quick, informal calculations, it seems to me that this is one of those choices that absolutely did not pay off as expected.

The total amassed value of the good Napolitano brings to the office of Homeland Security is FAR exceeded by the negative effect Brewer has had on the state of Arizona and the country as a whole.