Jim Heath is a John Kasich shill. There’s really no other way to explain it. What he’s doing isn’t journalism and it certainly isn’t just “talking to real people about the economy“. The only way you can look at an article by Jim Heath at ONN is a political hit and cover for John Kasich.

The article highlights a Chillicothe resident, Megan Gibson, who according to Jim is a “lifelong Democrat”. Megan never makes this claim you’ll note, only calling herself “a Democrat”. It’s unclear whether Megan actually told Jim she was a lifelong Dem or he is making this up to drive his point home harder. A simple search would have told Jim that Megan is not actually registered with any party and has only voted one time – in 2008.

The curious thing about all of this is that it wreaks of a set up deal. Thanks to this blog it’s now a more widely known fact that Jim Heath (unlike Megan) IS a lifelong member of a political party – Republican. You would have thought this warning shot would have prevented Jim from flipping the shill switch, but I guess he just couldn’t resist.

There may be several reasons why Megan is unable to find a job, in this or any other economy. She has a pretty lengthy criminal record – including theft. With the Great Lehman Brothers Recession going on employers are freer than ever to pick and choose who they hire and Megan appears to be handicapping herself a bit in the marketplace. I’m a big believer in redemption and I hope she is able to find employment soon. That said, it may be tough on her for reasons other than any environment created by Strickland – or Lehman Brothers for that matter. Something we are not told by Jim since apparently this didn’t fit the Kasich narrative.

If you were trying to write a story about the economy and not providing a hit for John Kasich against the Governor you might ask really simple questions like: What job did you lose? Was it a factory that closed? Was her job shipped overseas due to unfair trade deals that a Congressman may or may not have supported?

If you are writing a story that falls in line with a given narrative from a campaign about jobs then you’d write the article in the precise manner that Jim did. This isn’t journalism. Jim’s professional side knows better. His political side is taking over of late and he’s getting used by the Kasich folks.

I personally think you’re better than this, Jim. It’s your journalistic reputation at stake, but if it were me I wouldn’t let this happen again. But hell. You don’t have to take tips from me. I’m just a blogger.

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