Seriously, the Republican Governors Association is engaged in that tired, cliche GOP tactic of false equivalencies.

This is an incredibly dumb ad for the RGA to run.

Incredibly dumb.

In making this ad, the RGA is conceding that support for policies that lead to outsourcing are wrong… from a Republican perspective.  That means the tax law changes that Senate candidate Rob Portman supported, the “free trade” deals that he pushed through Congress, and the repeated trade deals he and Kasich supported in Congress, like NAFTA, are “job killers.”

Don’t believe me, just ask the RGA!  It’s in their AD!

The ad is, of course, also incredibly misleading.  The only times Strickland supported MFN status for China was particular versions that had the strongest domestic worker protections ever.  Strickland said then, and now, that is the only reason he ever voted for MFN after an otherwise opposing such measures in his Congressional career.  Not ironically, those just happened to be the only times Congressmen John Kasich and Rob Portman voted against MFN status for China.  Kasich tried explaining his inconsistency in those votes saying he was “troubled” by China’s human rights abuses which, when squared against his otherwise uniform  for MFN status for China is as flimsy as Chinese rice paper of an explanation.

Strickland’s Administration didn’t knowingly outsource less than 100 low-wage call center jobs, a company that a bipartisan majority of the State’s Controlling Board approved to do Ohio’s rebate appliance program (a.k.a. “Cash for Appliances”) concealed from the State that it had no domestic call centers in the United States.  When the Administration found out shortly before the program ended, they tried to get the company to use a domestic call center.   An outraged Strickland quickly enacted an executive order banning the use of overseas outsourced work for all State contracts.   One official was forced to resign and another suspended for the oversight.

Strickland supported getting the U.S. out of the WTO.  Trying to paint him as a “free trader” isn’t going to work.  However, if Ted Strickland is bad for, at worst, going off the reservation, how does the RGA defend Kasich’s consistent support for free trade and outsourcing?

Dumb ad.  Soooooooooooo dumb.