So the Portman for Senate campaign is dropping this literature to try and win the farmer vote:

Portman Ag Lit

Is this the same Rob Portman who:

  • in an op-ed published in the Financial Times in October of 2005, laid out a proposal to cut subsidies to US farmers by 60%.  In addition, Portman proposed eliminating all export subsidies by 2010.  [AP, 10/10/05]
  • in 2004, Portman voted against making permanent Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection for family farmers. [S 1920, 1/28/04]

Yeah, that guy.  Ohio’s is a major exporter of agricultural goods. Something like 16th in the nation in exports.   Chapter 12 was specifically created because the other chapters of the bankruptcy code were found, by Congress, to be ineffective to give family farmers adequate relief and reorganization to keep their family farms operational.

Some “Friend of the Farmer!”

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