Rich Cordray wraps up the law enforcement vote by announcing the final 4 law enforcement organizations expected to endorse in the Attorney General’s race have all lined up behind his candidacy.  This includes the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association, Toledo Police Command Officers Association, Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association, Canton Police Patrolman’s Association, and Troopers for a Safer Ohio.

That’s a clean sweep folks for those keeping score.  Rich Cordray is clearly the best candidate for Attorney General given his great support from law enforcement.  You don’t become Ohio’s “top cop” by not getting a single law enforcement endorsement.

Look for the DeWhiner culture war to begin.  It’s all he has left.  No wonder he’s ducking real debates against Rich.

Kevin would help his cousin out, but he’s too damned busy trying to figure out what the “September Surprise” is.  Tick tock, Kevin.  It was inevitable and it’s not just going to go away.  You and Johnny better start raising the bar.  I’m not sure you can get it high enough.

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