From the daily archives: Thursday, August 26, 2010

In 2008, Steve Chabot’s twelve-year career in Congress ended when he lost to Steve Driehaus by 5%, or roughly 15,000 votes.  That was as big of a margin as any Republican incumbent in what is not considered a marginally Republican district that lost despite no sex or ethics scandal.

In 2006, Chabot barely won re-election by roughly 9,000 votes.  In other words, for some reason, people started to get “creeped” out at the idea of having Steve Chabot as their congressman.Nonetheless, as soon as he lost, Chabot conceded and then promptly began campaigning for his old job back.

Steve […]

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Rich Cordray wraps up the law enforcement vote by announcing the final 4 law enforcement organizations expected to endorse in the Attorney General’s race have all lined up behind his candidacy.  This includes the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association, Toledo Police Command Officers Association, Toledo Police Patrolman’s Association, Canton Police Patrolman’s Association, and Troopers for a Safer Ohio.

That’s a clean sweep folks for those keeping score.  Rich Cordray is clearly the best candidate for Attorney General given his great support from law enforcement.  You don’t become Ohio’s “top cop” by not […]

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I bet John Kasich regrets every day he was done in by this Lehman Brothers recruitment video:


Two years later, we’re still struggling to climb out of Lehman Brothers’ epic financial implosion.

Let’s remember that most of what little we do know of John Kasich’s after he left Congress for Wall Street came despite Kasich’s efforts to conceal them from the people of Ohio.  We’ve only been able to barely scratch the surface.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all […]

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What is the Ohio Republican Party and Josh Mandel’s campaign thinking?  Are they insane?

The Ohio Democratic Party couldn’t believe the gift that Josh Mandel gave it and State Treasurer Kevin Boyce a golden gift.  And that gift is Mandel attending a fundraiser with disgraced former State Treasurer Joe Deters.

Deters was the GOP’s Marc Dann before 2006.  As the press release from ODP details, Deters left Columbus in a cloud:

Deters’ Chief of Staff was convicted of “giving preferential treatment to some investment brokers who do business with the treasurer’s office.” [Dayton Daily News, 9/14/04]

• Deters’ […]

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The State Auditor’s race normally is one of those types of races that despite its Apportionment Board importance just struggles to define itself on the issues.  Like alot of down ballot statewide campaigns, the races generally are framed on the candidate’s background and devolves into attacks over their records that rarely have little or anything to do with the office (such as Mary Taylor’s ‘06 attacks against Sykes over the Taft sales tax increase.)

Today, David Pepper’s campaign released his twenty-seven page plan for the office. It is not a fluff piece, nor is it dripping with ideological […]

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So the Portman for Senate campaign is dropping this literature to try and win the farmer vote:

Portman Ag Lit

Is this the same Rob Portman who:

in an op-ed published in the Financial Times in October of 2005, laid out a proposal to cut subsidies to US farmers by 60%.  In addition, Portman proposed eliminating all export subsidies by 2010.  [AP, 10/10/05] in 2004, Portman voted against making permanent Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection for […]

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Blogger vs. candidate struggle is still ongoing.  This video from Modern really warmed my heart – there certainly is a Seabiscuit feel to all this.  I got a good night’s sleep for once, up early, so I thought I’d throw out some advice from the field to fellow Democrats facing a long autumn campaign, before I really disappear into the final two weeks of my own campaign.

Democrats need to be Democrats.  It’s a cliche, I know, and yes, I am, in fact, running in a safe, 89% Democratic seat in rock solid blue Cuyahoga County inner city Cleveland.  […]

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