It’s been pointed out more than once that the only real solid support John Kasich has in the Ohio blogosphere is with carpetbloggers from Virginia. The homegrown righties don’t seem so enamored with the guy to be honest.

Kasich’s latest me-too policy proposal has Pullins a bit worked up. Let’s skip to the money quote right out of the gate:

The problem with John Kasich’s policy proposals is that they are as fraudulent as Lehman Brothers’ exotic investment products. Everything he is proposing is either illegal, unworkable or has been enacted into law already.

Damn son! Now that’s some shit right there. He managed to get in a Lehman Brothers dig while he was at it too! LOL. Well played, Scott. Look, I’m no big Pullins fan. I’ve yet to get any kind of formal or public apology over the shit his wife pulled on mine. It’s still pretty stunning though that a prominent conservative blogger – one who went so far for the last guy running against Strickland for Governor that he literally fell off the edge – is not behind the Republican candidate for Governor.

Scott has a great run down on all the “policy proposals” of John Kasich to date and why they are fraudulent:

Proposal: Kasich wants to cut Ohio’s income taxes to spur the economy. Fact: Legislative Republicans and Governor Strickland cut state income taxes by 17% over a number of years.

Proposal: Kasich wants to cut Ohio’s regulations and red tape to spur the economy: Fact: Governor Ted Strickland long ago issued an executive order that eliminated 208 rules and revised over 2,000 rules to make Ohio more business friendly.

Proposal: Kasich wants to enact tort reform in Ohio. Fact: Ohio Republicans enacted comprehensive tort reform in Ohio in 2004. The U.S. Chamber called the legislation landmark.

Proposal: Kasich wants to eliminate the Ohio Department of Development and replace it with a nonprofit group. Fact: Experts say the proposal won’t help existing businesses and might even be illegal.

CSI Ohio has a nice ring to it I guess, but it sounds to me like Scott Pullins won’t get fooled again. No wonder Kasich’s buddies over at the Dispatch are hitting the guy.

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