Not quite ready to pull the trigger this week.  I’ve got a feeling Kasich’s implosion today (HIDE THE COFFEE!) at his press conference when he foolishly proposed a policy of regulatory reform that was already law thanks to Governor Strickland is going to play out for awhile.

I had someone ask me today if that was the bombshell I mentioned on Monday.  The fact that I called it a “September surprise,” and it’s still August should have been the first clue.  Yes, today was nothing more than yet another unforced error committed by the apparently utterly clueless Kasich campaign.

While I suspected last night that they might do that, I have to admit that I couldn’t believe that they’d do something as stupid as attack Ted Strickland over regulatory reform and then propose his own policy as a solution.  Seriously, who couldn’t honestly believe that a statewide campaign in a nationally important election would actually let that happen when we all saw it coming?

Jon Keeling likes to pick on the Fisher campaign, but they, nor any other State campaign (not even Rob Burch or Ken Blackwell) screwed up as royally as Kasich did today.  Had they or any Democrat come close to what Kasich did today, and nobody doubts that Keeling would be singing a different tune.

Speaking of which…

It’s a good thing that I didn’t pull the trigger.  It would have been unfair to gang up on Kasich with this kind of news.  Better to spread it out some.

Tick, tock, Kevin DeWine.