I’m known to periodically toss around a personal barb or two in the heat of the moment. One thing I don’t think I’ve ever done or seen done by those “in my flock” is publicly make fun of a cancer survivor. Last night during some Twitter perusing I got into it with well known John Kasich hack (and possible paid political consultant?) The Hinch Group.

It’s unclear who the person twittering is on this account – they may like us have more than one person doing it so I’ll wait for someone to personally own up to this before accusing them. It may be Hinch Group founder Hinch Knece or known astroturfing college kid Colton Henson‘s big brother who is rumored to work at the Hinch Group. Colton can surely clear this up for us in comments.

Whoever it is obviously stepped in it here. While watching primary election coverage last night on TV I noticed Debbie Wasserman-Schultz doing commentary from the left. The Hinch Group twitterer must have noticed this as well as they posted this on Twitter:

For the uninitiated, Wasserman-Schultz is a cancer survivor and she suffered through seven operations including a double mastectomy. Questioning the sex of a woman who had to have both breasts removed to save her life is one of the most disgusting political attacks I’ve seen in some time. Especially for someone representing the campaign of someone who wants to be the Governor of Ohio. I’d love to know what the Kasich campaign thinks of such statements, but I’m sure they’d deflect it and claim they don’t work with Hinch or his “group”. Maybe someone in the “real media” can ask him. I’m sure they wouldn’t take my call.

It’s curious then that the mission of The Hinch Group is to:

help shape the mission, objectives, and tactics of today’s political and non-profit campaigns, especially when harnessed with the power of the Internet.

It’s also curious that they list kasichforohio.com (official campaign site of gubernatorial candidate John Kasich) as a current project on their site.

I call on the Hinch Group to issue a public apology in the same forum they issued the attack and for the Kasich group to repudiate the comment and disavow any ties to The Hinch Group. Disgusting attacks like these should be countered forcefully and publicly.

Stay classy Hinch Group. Stay classy.