Ordinarily, when a campaign introduces a new policy proposal, the media expects to hear a response from the opposing campaign’s communication director, maybe even the campaign manager.   Rarely, if ever, do you see the candidate himself respond, especially when he’s the incumbent.

Then again, how often do you see a challenger stupidly propose something you’ve already done?

To appreciate it’s pure pwnage, be sure to check out the entire statement, including the point-by-point citation of exactly how Kasich’s CSI “plan” is nothing more than a carbon copy of what Ted Strickland has already made law.

This isn’t Wall Street, this is Ohio and in Ohio it’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do. As Governor, I have already done what Congressman Kasich only talks about. In the face of the worst recession since the Great Depression, I recognized the need to make Ohio more business-friendly, which is why I was the first Governor in Ohio history to undertake comprehensive regulatory reform. Working with elected representatives and business leaders, I issued an executive order that in just a few years has made it easier to start and grow a small business, increased transparency in the regulatory process, and eliminated and amended over 2,000 rules and regulations for businesses. Given these steps and our work cutting the size of government and lowering taxes, it would be unwise to do as Congressman Kasich suggests. Regulatory agencies should be focused on helping small businesses and creating jobs, not duplicating what we have already done and getting caught up in red tape.

“Ohioans face a very stark choice in this election between continuing to grow the economy from the ground up, as we have done over the last few years, and Congressman Kasich’s support for trickle down economic policies that help only Wall Street, big corporations, and the very wealthy. With signs of an economic recovery on the horizon, Ohioans can’t afford Congressman Kasich’s Wall Street values.”

After the point-by-point breakdown of where Kasich has proposed making something that already is law into law, the statement includes a couple of choice quotes from Ohio’s business executives’ community:

Don Washkewicz, Chairman And CEO, Parker Hannifin Corporation: “Ohio has been our partner in providing premier customer service, steady growth, and financial performance from which we serve customers in towns and cities across the world.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

Malachi Mixon, III, Chairman and CEO, Invacare Corporation: “From our headquarters in Ohio, Invacare has become the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of home medical products. The state’s new tax laws will help us to continue to grow.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

John M. Stropki, Chairman, President And CEO, Lincoln Electric: “Lincoln Electric built its business on innovative products and management. Ohio’s business-friendly tax environment encourages and stimulates innovation, growth and expansion.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

Christopher M. Connor, Chairman, President And CEO, The Sherwin-Williams Company. “In Ohio’s increasingly business-friendly environment, we’ll continue to invest in product innovation, new technology and capacity to strengthen our position as an industry leader.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

Alexander M. Cutler, Chairman And CEO, Eaton Corporation: “At Eaton, we view change as a source of strength. Ohio provides a healthy environment for businesses to innovate, adapt and prosper.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

Bahman Taheri, CEO, AlphaMicron, Inc.:  “We brought our light controlling technology to market much more quickly with help from Ohio. That made the venture profitable more quickly as well.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

James Hagedorn, Chairman And CEO, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company: “Every day we see our work reflected in the world around us…in the environmental benefits of healthy lawns and gardens and the lives that are enriched through gardening. We believe there is no better business to be in than ours, and no better place from which to conduct business than Ohio.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

A.G. Lafley, Chairman Of The Board, President And Chief Executive, The Procter & Gamble Company: “There are many cities and towns around the world that P&G people call home, but Ohio has always been home to our corporate headquarters. We’re proud of our Ohio history and committed to a future of growth in Ohio.” [“Ohio Key Benefits.” Ohio Department of Development]

Did John Kasich even cite one regulation he’d eliminate today by example?

Can anyone think of a time in which an opponent tried to pass off the incumbent’s record as his own proposals before? 

Not only does Ted Strickland talk about his record, but John Kasich is trying to claim it as his own!

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