From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chris writes us tonight to tell us that he loves his PB tee from Skreened (A Cbus company). He’s sporting his in Central Oregon representin’ the PB spirit:

You note his daughter is not nearly as excited about it as dad. Word is she didn’t get any frozen yogurt or something.

Thanks Chris!

Remember, if you send us a photo of you in your Skreened PB tee we’ll post it and you’ll receive 10,000 frequent Plunderbunder Points™. If you’re IN Cbus (and many of you are), why not just go down to Skreened and watch your […]

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Maryellen O’Shaughnessy takes the Democracy for America Grassroots All Star voting for Ohio. Support from the DFA Chair and email list use will go a long way toward helping Maryellen become the next Secretary of State. There are other perks as well. This is a good get for O’Shaughnessy. Good stuff.

Congrats to the campaign and to Maryellen!

(ht Dave at ProgressOhio)

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Not quite ready to pull the trigger this week.  I’ve got a feeling Kasich’s implosion today (HIDE THE COFFEE!) at his press conference when he foolishly proposed a policy of regulatory reform that was already law thanks to Governor Strickland is going to play out for awhile.

I had someone ask me today if that was the bombshell I mentioned on Monday.  The fact that I called it a “September surprise,” and it’s still August should have been the first clue.  Yes, today was nothing more than yet another unforced error committed by the apparently utterly […]

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John Kasich apparently doesn’t even know that most of Ohio’s regulations don’t even deal with businesses at all.

As part of Kasich’s endorsement of Governor Strickland’s regulatory reform, Kasich tried to stage a distracting visual for his press event (HT: Ohio Capital Blog):

OMG, just look at all those regulations!  It’s a virtual “Tower of Babble.”  How in the world can Ohio businesses operate when they’re subjected to THAT many boring brown regulatory books?

Kasich’s “visual” was a joke.  The books were each chapter of the Ohio Administrative Code.  If you click on the […]

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It’s been pointed out more than once that the only real solid support John Kasich has in the Ohio blogosphere is with carpetbloggers from Virginia. The homegrown righties don’t seem so enamored with the guy to be honest.

Kasich’s latest me-too policy proposal has Pullins a bit worked up. Let’s skip to the money quote right out of the gate:

The problem with John Kasich’s policy proposals is that they are as fraudulent as Lehman Brothers’ exotic investment products. Everything he is proposing is either illegal, unworkable or has been enacted into law already.

Damn son! […]

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Ordinarily, when a campaign introduces a new policy proposal, the media expects to hear a response from the opposing campaign’s communication director, maybe even the campaign manager.   Rarely, if ever, do you see the candidate himself respond, especially when he’s the incumbent.

Then again, how often do you see a challenger stupidly propose something you’ve already done?

To appreciate it’s pure pwnage, be sure to check out the entire statement, including the point-by-point citation of exactly how Kasich’s CSI “plan” is nothing more than a carbon copy of what Ted Strickland has already made law.

This isn’t Wall […]

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They’d be like this:

Nobody like a cheap imitation when they can have the real thing.

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Maybe instead of debating Governor Strickland, John Kasich, the TV ad candidate can debate John Kasich, the Kasich-Taylor policy candidates.

Here’s a clip of what Kasich is running right now:


Kasich: You know, Mary and I are committed to smaller, more effective, more efficient government …

We’re going to get the job done for the people of the State.  And we’re not going to let you down.

Yet last week, Kasich introduced his JobsOhio plan to decentralize and privatize the Ohio Department of Development.  During the press gaggle at the announcement, Kasich specifically called one of the advantages of […]

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I’m known to periodically toss around a personal barb or two in the heat of the moment. One thing I don’t think I’ve ever done or seen done by those “in my flock” is publicly make fun of a cancer survivor. Last night during some Twitter perusing I got into it with well known John Kasich hack (and possible paid political consultant?) The Hinch Group.

It’s unclear who the person twittering is on this account – they may like us have more than one person doing it so I’ll wait for someone to personally own up to this before […]

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