I think the ad is effective  in that it ties Kasich’s Wall Street ties to his congressional record and how he essentially traded in his cushy Congressional job for a cushy Wall Street job that he was completely unqualified for.

My only criticism is that this is boilerplate opposition ad stuff, and I don’t think it’s nearly as effective as the personalized message that Strickland’s first ad in June had (that I wish they’d run again because I don’t think it got sufficient airtime):

I think this was a more effective ad.  “Revolving Door” is a standard, D.C. consultant inspired ad.  Effective in communicating a message about your opponent and tying together complex concepts like the relationship between Kasich the Congressman and Kasich the Wall $treet insider neatly together, but not particularly attention grabbing from other political ads that I’m sure will be airing next week.

I’m told that there’s some oppositional research that the Strickland campaign plans to drop on the media at their press conference in an hour that isn’t mentioned in the ad.

Is it the bombshell I mentioned yesterday?

Tick, tock, Kevin, who’s afraid of Modern’s clock?  Stay tuned…