I’ve got yet another exclusive story in the Governor’s race, and it’s the kind that is going to make some Kasich staff turn off the coffee pot and Scott Milburn change his pants (like he needed to in 1996 after finding out Ted Strickland beat then-Congressman Frank Cremeans in their rematch of the 1994 race.)

As anyone who has followed the Kasich campaign will tell you, the Ohio Republican establishment has been fearful that John Kasich’s Wall Street experience could be a ticking time bomb that could go off right before the election, dooming its chances up and down the ticket for a comeback in the State of Ohio.  Time after time, both the ORP and the Kasich campaign has tried to ignore or deflect all inquiries into Kasich’s Wall Street roots.  They even tried to laughably attack Ted Strickland by claiming he was more Wall Street than the guy with the top floor, corner office at Lehman’s World HQ.

John Kasich must really regret all that time at Lehman Brothers.   So far, the media has found out that Kasich has been less than honest about the extent Kasich was involved in trying to help Lehman get state business.   In fact, its gotten so bad that the campaign was actually caught, red-handed, trying to get its Republican allies within the State pension to push their talking points about Lehman Brothers.  Could it get any worse?  Yes, yes, it will.  After all, how long did Kasich work at Lehman Brothers?  Eight years?  So much to possibly find out before voters start voting.  And how much do we know about Kasich during that time?  Zero. 

Speaking of zero…

…Tick, tock, Kevin.

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