Yes, this is actually true – some national Tea Party groups have officially come out in opposition to Net Neutrality. First, a primer for those of you who may have forgotten (we’ve written about this before):

A coalition that included 35 Tea Party groups sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday urging the agency not to boost its authority over broadband providers through a controversial process known as reclassification.

The process could give federal regulators the power to impose net neutrality rules, which would prevent Internet access providers from favoring some content and applications over others.

In other words, Net Neutrality ensures that service providers cannot act unilaterally to restrict traffic of a particular type or to a particular site. Here’s the Tea Party reasoning behind opposing Net Neutrality:

“I think the clearest thing is it’s an affront to free speech and free markets,” she said.

Yes, they believe that preventing corporations from controlling what you access on the internet is an affront to free speech.

The free-speech argument holds that, by interfering with how phone and cable companies deliver Internet traffic, the government would be thwarting the free-speech rights of providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast.

Here’s what these morons don’t seem to realize – by empowering Comcast’s “free speech rights” to restrict internet access, they are destroying their own free speech rights. If Comcast wants to block a site critical of Comcast, they can. If someone wants to start a small website to express their views on an issue – say, like one of the original Tea Party sites – and an ISP doesn’t like it, they can charge you more money just to get your pages served to their customers than they can now. Effectively, elimination of Net Neutrality hands complete control over internet censorship to ISPs.

“There are so many assaults on individual liberties — the EPA, net neutrality, cap-and-trade, card-check; the list goes on — that sometimes the Tea Party doesn’t know where to start its battles,” Radtke said.

Maybe you could start by learning something about what you are talking about. That’d be a fresh change of pace, as opposed to the ignorance displayed with this issue, the “Ground Zero Mosque”, card check, evolution, Obama’s citizenship… (I could almost literally go on forever).