Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman David Betras wrote a letter to the editor in today’s Boardman News in response to attacks by the Chairman of the Columbiana County Republican Party (because the Mahoning County Republican Party apparently doesn’t exist.)

Apparently, the editor of the paper felt that Betras was ignoring an “elephant in the room” so he decided to add this “special” comment at the end of Betras’ letter:


Yes, what kind of message does it send to have the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee come into our community, with children present, and speak at an overpriced rubber chicken dinner?

Won’t someone think of the children?

You can reach the editor of the Boardman News at:

Phone: (330) 758-6397

Fax: (330) 758- 2658

Or at: 8302 Southern Blvd., Suite 2A, Boardman, Ohio 44512

Incidentally, Chairman Frank helped raise a reported $75,000 for the Mahoning County Democratic Party at the Dinner last Friday.

What kind of message does that send?

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