Here’s Tom Ganley earlier today in Roll Call (“Ganley won’t say whether he thinks Obama is Muslim):

“I don’t have a position on whether he’s a Muslim,” Ganley said Thursday in a telephone interview with Roll Call.

Here’s Tom Ganley just a few hours later in the Plain Dealer:

"For the record, he doesn’t believe the president is Muslim." [says Ganley’s campaign spokeswoman.]

The Ganley campaign claims that Ganley made the statement to Roll Call to indicate the irrelevancy he believes the question has.

Except, of course, that’s not what he said.  He said he doesn’t have a position on a biographical fact about the President of the United States that is being falsely represented by the President’s political enemies.  Enemies Ganley is politically aligned.

The President’s biography isn’t something that someone “takes” a position on.  There are facts, and then there are smears.  And given the opportunity to take on the smears, Ganley first chose to play ambivalent.

Clearly, he’s not ready for prime time.

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