Seriously, Congressman, you need to be 50 feet away from the people you’re speaking to?  It’s almost like your campaign is trying to make a crowd look bigger by keeping them two rows deep in an unnecessary large semicircle…

Was it a Seniors Red Rover Championship Tournament going on?

Okay… your turn…

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  • No

    HA! Leave it to a teabagger to pull the “we have a HUGE gathering here…” trick.

    Hate to be a grammar-nazi, but it's “your,” note “you're.” Most republicans wouldn't notice, but it still undermines credibility in writing, so we ALL have to watch out for that…

  • Tom Rottmayer

    That's “your turn”, not “you're turn”. Do you need a proofreader? I'll be glad to volunteer.

  • modernesquire

    Why…. I have no idea what you're talking about. 🙂 (Thanks.)

  • OhioanVoters

    Kasich evidently has no objections with repeat child molesters being close to his children.

    John Kasich needs to answer the following question during the televised debates in Columbus on September 14 and in Toledo on October 7:

    John, as those who you continue to pay and entrust your own children with were secretly recorded saying, do you too believe “before God” that it is “the right thing” to deliberately put thousands of children at “risk” with several repeat child molesters lead into temptation to molest again while deceiving and defrauding the parents about it?

    That question is in regard to the administrators at the private “Christian” school (where John continues to send his own daughters to) and the affiliated church who were secretly recorded saying the following about one of the school’s child molesting Teachers/Coaches (and Youth Directors for elementary-aged children) as reported by the Columbus Dispatch newspaper:

    “We understand that if something happens between Dwayne and a student, we will be big-time liable,”
    executive pastor Jim Augspurger said on the recording.
    “That's a risk we take. I think before God we did the right thing and it may not be the worldly, may not even be the most prudent thing, but it is something we have done,”
    he said.
    “We've wiped the slate clean. I understand the situation it puts us in.”

    After those administrators got caught by the Columbus Dispatch, one of those who participated in that 10-year Conspiracy of Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups against we parents (including John Kasich) publicly stated the following (as also recorded):

    “I was a Lead Pastor here for eight years and a Director Of Junior High Youth Ministries in the past. This is a Watergate. The church covered it up. I was in the meetings. I've known all these years that it was a student. And I was told to get back to wiping noses and not to let it out.”

    John Kasich remains silent and refuses to do anything about those serious crimes. John actually continues to send his very own daughters to that private school where those administrators remain in power, remain as a serious threat to unsuspecting consumers, and remain as horrible examples to all students (including John’s daughters Emma and Reese) on how to treat your business customers and your fellow man.

    The truth is that John Kasich clearly does NOT have the courage, integrity, leadership abilities, or the common sense needed to be a suitable Governor for Ohio.
    Please refer to the irrefutable and overwhelming evidence at and

    Please bring these crucial facts about John Kasich and his extremely poor judgments to the attention of Ohio voters.

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