News Corp., the parent company of Rupert Murdoch’s “liberal” media empire that includes the Wall Street Journal, the  New York Post, and Fox News was recently revealed to have donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association.  The first time a media company has been seen actually lending financial support to a political party on campaigns it regularly “covers.”  I have to say “covers” in quotation marks because the coverage of the Ohio Governor’s race has been unusually one-sided.

The RGA has spent a reported $2 million on Kasich’s campaign.  Rupert Murdoch and his wife have donated $20,000 to his campaign.  And despite not having a show on the network, the Democratic Governors Association says that John Kasich has been on Fox News at least 52 times since announcing his candidacy.  Ted Strickland?  Zero.

On top of that, Kasich hasn’t just been on Fox News, but he’s consistently on the top rated programs of Fox News save the Glenn Beck (but has been on Beck’s radio show.)

Guess what John Kasich is doing tonight?


Yep, primetime Fox News.  It’s more softball interviewing for John Kasich in the so-called “No Spin Zone.”

The DGA is asking Fox News to run a disclaimer that its parent company and head executive has given Kasich and the RGA substantial financial support.  So far, Fox News has refused to respond to it and several other organizations criticizing Fox News from failing to report News Corp financial support for electing Republicans.

“Fair and balanced,” indeed.

To date, not one mainstream media outlet in Ohio has noted this story, either.  John Kasich gets more passes than a naked model walking through a construction site.

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