The Dayton Daily News reports that Ted Strickland has gone after John Kasich over accepting $50k a year from OSU to give roughly a dozen appearances a year for seven years—appearance John Glenn and Rob Portman have done for OSU for free.

I apparently missed this in the initial reporting, but not only did OSU pay Kasich, but they also paid a $20k a year salary for Kasich to have an aide.  That aide went to Kasich’s long-time Chief-0f-Staff Don Thibaut.

“It says to me that John Kasich thinks he is a very special person, that the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to him. He ought to be ashamed of himself,” the governor said.

“If he only showed up four days a month, what did the campus aide do? Look for a parking place?” Strickland said.

Tomorrow, students at OSU are holding a press conference to ask Kasich to start a scholarship based on the proceeds of the money he earned for his do-little job.

Despite consistently voting against increasing access to student loans, expanding grants, and tax breaks for students during his time in Washington, Congressman Kasich gladly lined his pockets with a hefty salary from the university.

This issue isn’t going away.  Kasich talks about stripping special interest and political favors from State government, but he’s clearly financially benefited from his political connections in ways that are simply not defensible.  $50k a year for Kasich, and $20k for a paid staffer who didn’t do much more than take a paycheck.

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