The Dayton Daily News reports that the Tea Party Exchange—a program designed to pair Tea Party members with Tea Party-friendly businesses in a discount program to raise money for the Tea Party has folded… after being announced on Friday.

The reasons are multiple.

First, there was a massive boycott from customers who swore they’d never dine or use the services of any business on the exchange:

The number of businesses participating was just more than two dozen after several dropped out when customers complained.

Then, there was mass confusion and disagreements between the organizers and the participating businesses as to how it would work.

Companies paid Hutchinson at least $150 annually to participate and then were to donate to Tea Party groups 5 percent of the amount spent by consumers who carried a TPX-Great American Card. Hutchinson had originally said the consumers would also get a discount.

Then, it turned out that the organizer was using… a off-shore company to create the website for the exchange:

Hutchinson was criticized for outsourcing to India database programming for the Tea Party Exchange website.

How bad did it get?  Well, the organizer’s own company dropped out of the Exchange in the face of the public controversy over it.

But you have to hand it to a guy who refuses to admit it failed.  Here’s what the official website of the Tea Party Exchange says:


Must have been some test market.  It lasted a whole weekend, and I’m not sure even a single customer actually got to USE the “discount” card.

Has there ever been a more spectacular marketing FAIL?

Okay, but it’s close.

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  • Johndoe

    I must say that I am very disturbed by the liberal reaction to this idea. In fact, I will boycott the Dayton Daily News from this point forward. Those patriotic citizens have every right to form any exchange they wish – it just so happens that the left is very threatened by its mere existence and did everything in its power to shut it down. His family and others started receiving death threats and that is why the shut-down happened. More of Obamas “Chicago Politics”. I think all democrats and liberals are nothing more than bullies and thugs at heart. Oh well – you will end up seeing this organization on a NATIONAL LEVEL now – be careful what you ask for DEMS. First, you have this ah-hem 'wonderful' president, now you asked for this to be shut down in Dayton – OK – it will resurface nationally. You bunch of fear-mongering thugs should be ashamed.

    You need to get your facts straight but then again – you must be liberal so that won't ever happen.

  • modernesquire

    Um, it closed because of criticisms that he was outsourcing some of the IT work to India and because people exercised their economic right to inform businesses that they would be boycotted if they participated. Those businesses made a business decision that it wasn't worth the risk of a loss of business, so they changed their minds.

    That's not “Chicago thuggery.”
    That's citizens exercising their freedom. Just because you don't like it, doesn't make it wrong.

    They have every right to form the exchange. Nobody is saying they didn't. I sure didn't. But then again, people also have the right to inform businesses that they will not get their businesses if they participate in such an exchange.

    Despite what Glenn Beck has told you, the Constitution doesn't just apply to you.

    I doubt we'll see this nationally if it barely survived a weekend before getting off the ground in Dayton. But who knows?

    Always a pleasure to see a hypocritical close minded person.

  • concerned citizen

    Um, no. You are incorrect and mis-informed by the liberal city and followers. We can agree to disagree which is one thing that I have found conservatives are willing to do. You have every right to your opinion but on the fli-side – so do I. There is nothing wrong with like-minded individuals wanting to do business together and this idea will take-off fine in a city that is not pull of hateful, fear-mongering liberals that will attack people for an idea that they come up with the differs from their opinion. Dayton Ohio has a long way to go when it comes to politics and did you ever think that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE – the reason the city can't attract large corporations is because of their close-minded liberal political views? I think that just might have something to do with it. Oh well, just my opinion and I will take it with me to the voting booth in November.

  • modernesquire

    Oh yeah, if there's any thing that the Tea Party has clearly demonstrated, is that it has an open mind.

    You've demonstrated your own open mindedness by ignoring what I said and parroting it back to me. You worship the people who came up with this idea, but vilify the people who disagree. That's not openmindedness.

    There are plenty of people who support the “ideas” that the Tea Party disagrees with. And you show up with assault rifles at rallies and talk about the legitimately elected President of the United States as if he were a terrorist plant.

    Dayton's such a liberal city that it has a Republican congressman, has had Republican mayors, and now has a Republican leaning Independent Mayor.

    Did Dayton just become a liberal city? Nope… It's not even a liberal city in the first place.

    You say you aren't hatefilled and yet you came here, accused someone you've never talked to or met “close minded” simply for politically disagreeing with you. You accused those who boycotted the businesses of the exchange as “Chicago” thugs, while you write, in the same comment, how you are boycotting the DDN for simply reporting on what happened.

  • GreatAmerican

    CONGRATULATIONS! I just read the press Unite in Action, Inc. acquired Tea Party Exchange! It's NOW a national organization!

  • Amused


    August 24, 2010

    Washington, DC — Unite In Action, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Tea Party Exchange, Inc. the Ohio based provider of customer loyalty cards geared toward the Tea Party movement.

    “I have seen far too many patriots lose their businesses over the last year. We wanted to do something to empower and assist conservative companies,” said Stephani Scruggs, President of Unite In Action. “Tea Party Exchange is a way for conservative grassroots consumers to better identify and reward like-minded business.”

    “In this difficult economic climate, businesses are struggling to reach their target markets. In addition, the public is putting far more consideration into where to spend their income. Similar to the AFL-CIO’s Union Plus program or American Laborers United’s Union Network program, Tea Party Exchange is designed to help people utilize their purchasing power to support their neighbors and help the grassroots movement,” said Don Hutchinson, founder of Tea Party Exchange. “I am pleased Unite In Action will be able to take this initiative to a national level”.

    “We have always made a conscious choice to patronize the businesses owned by members of our church,” said Lynne Robert, member of the Southern Vermont Liberty Council. “This is just another way for my household to support the causes we believe in”.

    The new Tea Party Exchange will hold its Grand Opening at the 2010 Liberty XPO & Symposium, held at the Washington DC Omni Shoreham hotel, September 9th and 10th. Don Hutchinson, founder of Tea Party Exchange will also be speaking at the March On DC, September 11, 2010, at the Washington Monument.

    Register today to get your FREE Tea Party Exchange Key Fob. Already registered? Make sure you update your mailing address in your profile.

    (Due to production times and demand, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)

  • Anonymous

    Of course, this was designed to make money. Don’t be an idiot. Even the organizer said he did this to make money for his business while raising money for his political causes.

    It sold for $1 due to the free market laws of supply and demand. If Mr. Hutchinson charged more than $150, then he would have gotten less than the three dozen businesses he initially got.

    The Exchange died in Dayton because people exercised their economic right to inform businesses that they would lose their business if they stayed in the exchange. Those businesses made a business decision that the costs outweighed the potential benefit and dropped out. It’s called a successful boycott.

    Your right to have an opinion wasn’t infringed in the process. Quit whining like a victim and be a man.

  • concerned citizen

    So, just curious, but did you happen to see who bought the “Tea Party Exchange” for $1.00? First of all, I told you all that this was not formed for the money. Obviously it was not or Mr. Hutchinson would have sold for more than $1 and would have certainly charged more than $150.00 for membership. Second of all, I told all of the haters in Dayton to be careful what they ask for – that this movement would end up on a NATIONAL level. Well, guess what? It truly is a shame that most liberal minded people think that any other view besides their own is wrong, immoral and that they will do whatever it takes (even lie cheat and steal) to undermine the view. I have been saying all along – what is wrong with the exchange? If you don't like it or agree with it – don't use it. Instead people felt they needed to discredit and tear-down the movement and the individuals involved in the movement. That is really sad. I don't agree with many of the liberal movements and views but I still think they have a right to be here. In my opinion, that is the biggest difference between a liberal and a conservative.

  • Concerned Citizen

    I am a man who cares about his God, his family and his country. All whining and arguments aside – Peace be with you. The exchange ended up winning in the end so all is good for me and our freedoms. Who knows – we may end up being on the exchange together (I will join). Take care and I appreciate your opinions and feedback.

  • Anonymous

    God! Race! Nation! I’ll bet you’re a hit at all the parties.

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