And yet, this is what consumes our political discourse.   The Republican base must be the dumbest group of neanderthal suckers ever to walk the earth.  They swallow hook, line and sinker, every piece of horseshit their masters force feed them, then regurgitate it verbatim.  The more contrived and convoluted, the better.  All just to keep themselves dumb and exploited.

And our “liberal media” just plays right along, laughing all the way to the bank with the money from P.T. Barnum’s perfected customer base. If this is a “liberal media” to these jackasses, I’d hate to see what passes for conservative – might have to time warp to Stalin’s Russia.

And it’s all in total opposition to a founding principal of our country, the reason the MAYFLOWER PILGRIMS THEMSELVES got onto a boat.  Pushed on us by a bunch of morbidly obese angry white male rednecks waving colonial flags as if freedom of religion wasn’t in the very first line of the very First Amendment.

It’s the natural progression of the email smear campaign from 2008.  They still think Barack Obama is a secret muslim, still think it’s all a plot to destroy the country from within the White House, and now, they’ve got the entire media narrative just playing along.  We defeated this in 2008, and we’ll defeat it again.   Memo to morons – Your racist ignorance has been rejected by this country every single time we had that choice forced upon us.  We’ll reject it again, because you stand in the way of this country’s reason for being, and that means eventually, you get run over.

Maybe we’ll see a setback in mid-term elections in 2010, simply because this horseshit works so well in such a small group of very stupid people.  Or maybe this will finally backfire.  But history is going to treat these folks quite poorly, indeed.

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