The Kasich campaign finally put out an actual proposal today: “replacing the Ohio Department of Development with a private, nonprofit corporation.”

There are so many problems with John Kasich’s proposal but I’ll focus on the top 3.

#1 : John Kasich’s solution to the employment problem in Ohio is to fire 200+ people

According to Joe Hallet “About half of the current department’s 400 employees who are directly involved in development efforts would lose their jobs”

#2: Eliminating the Department of Development wouldn’t make government any smaller

Again from the Dispatch: “Functions of the agency that are not directly related to economic development would be evaluated and moved to other state agencies.” In other words, John Kasich is only proposing we grow other state agencies to handle the tasks currently performed by the Department of Development.

#3: The “private, nonprofit corporation” Kasich wants to create ALREADY EXISTS

Kasich proposes replacing the Department of Development with a “private, nonprofit corporation” with funding “from the state and private sources”. That group already exists. It’s called The Ohio Business Development Coalition and it’s “a nonprofit organization charged” charged with positioning Ohio “for aggressive competition for business investment and expansion opportunities” and “it is funded with a combination of public and private sector funds.”

John Kasich claims to be running as a fiscal conservative but I’ve yet to see any real proposals from him that represent this view. If he really believes Ohio’s business climate is “a disaster” as he’s said in the past, you’d think he’d be proposing some drastic fixes to keep our state from sinking. Otherwise he’s not making a really good case for changing leadership.