This is pretty stunning that we’re not seeing this in the reporting yet. (HT: Video from OhioCapitalBlog who needs to film a little further away.)

Here’s Kasich talking about how he’ll pay these corporate fat cats bonuses for doing the work that state employees already do for less:


Ha ha!  I’ve never had to tell you putzes in the media how much I made from Lehman Brothers for soliciting Ohio’s pension funds… suckers.  Aren’t I funny?

Then here’s Kasich actually promising that he’ll keep the bonuses he pays the corporate execs he’ll empower with dividing the corporate welfare pie among themselves private:

And there’s State Auditor Mary Taylor and the Republican House Minority Leader laughing about it.

To recap:

  1. John Kasich wants to privatize economic development in Ohio and give the very business entities that seek corporate welfare the ability to divvy it up as they see fit.
  2. He’s planning on paying them, with taxpayer dollars, a salary that will, in his own words pay a “competitive salary to energize them” as well as bonuses.
  3. He’s actually promising to keep the people of Ohio whose tax money is being used for these bonuses in the dark about it.
  4. Our State Auditor and House Minority Leader apparently see nothing wrong with this.

Again, I ask, what could possibly go wrong?

Just imagine how much Ohio would have been if we would have already had a Governor Kasich paying Lehman Brothers untold bonuses for its “economic development” of Ohio….

It’s a New Day, indeed.

John Kasich has gone from hiding his Lehman Brothers roots to promising to GOVERN from it (corporate cronyism, undisclosed bonuses).

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  • Kiki

    Is he on crack??? It will be a cold day in H-E- double hockey-stick that the General Assembly plays along with secret bonuses. The newspapers who see themselves as the keepers of the public records will crucify any legislator that plays along with that game. And the state auditor LAUGHING? I think she is either nuts or heavily medicated to get through a day of Gingrich-lite.

  • @ohiocapitalblog

    When you're in a gaggle, you get into position and can't move. Thus the close-up shots. And since I'm using my home camera and camcorder, I get lame audio to boot, so I have to be close. Besides, there's some great add opps here for the anti-nose hair crowd.

  • modernesquire

    LOL…. Actually it's great to see such raw footage made pubicly available. I'm actually a big fan. I've also enjoyed your Twitter banter with Naugle today. You totally shifted my paradigm.

  • modernesquire

    Well, the guy laughing in the background with Mary Taylor is the House Minority Leader who will become Speaker if the GOP takes over the Ohio House in November. Not seeing anyone rushing to ask him about these secret bonuses. In fact, I haven't seen any other REPORTING about it.

  • um. damn. wow!

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  • Need jobs

    If bonuses are what it takes to get some jobs back in this state, then so be it. If Mr. Strickland had a plan, we would have seen it by now…

    The next governor may not be any better than the current one, but we have to try something different and we don’t have much to choose from….

  • Anonymous

    Governor Strickland looked into privatizing the Ohio Department of Development but found, as the media has noted, that most of the States who did this with expectations of better results were disappointed. A number of States, like California and West Viriginia, are actually in the process of switching back.

    Change for change’s sake doesn’t always lead to better results.

    Kasich would be a far worse Governor. He’s clearly demonstrated that he’s in over his head and doesn’t understand state government.

  • guest

    Making rich people even richer did not help us during the 8 rotten W. years. Where are those jobs that were created? Not here. They invested their money in the last bubble and are investing their money in the next bubble and spending it at Tiffany’s again.

    Frack rich people and their bonuses that don’t do anything to create jobs anywhere.

    The rich stole all of the money and created this mess. More tax cuts for the rich are what we have in store from rotten Kasich and his band of robber barons. Then he’ll say it wasn’t his fault and not answer questions even though he works for us.

    The radical Republicans stand for profit before people, PERIOD end of discussion.

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