From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is pretty stunning that we’re not seeing this in the reporting yet. (HT: Video from OhioCapitalBlog who needs to film a little further away.)

Here’s Kasich talking about how he’ll pay these corporate fat cats bonuses for doing the work that state employees already do for less:


Ha ha!  I’ve never had to tell you putzes in the media how much I made from Lehman Brothers for soliciting Ohio’s pension funds… suckers.  Aren’t I funny?

Then here’s Kasich actually promising that he’ll keep the bonuses he pays the corporate execs he’ll empower with dividing the corporate […]

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We all know that John Kasich has a Florida fetish.  We don’t know why.

In 1996, the State of Florida created the first public-private, not-for-profit economic development in much the same model that John Kasich proposed Ohio to do today.

It didn’t turn out so well for Florida.

In a 2001 audit, the State’s Comptroller found that the private corporation “treats its top executives to bonuses and lavish travel while making grants to businesses whose officers sit on its boards.”  It also did such a poor tracking of its disbursements that it couldn’t guarantee that the funds […]

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The Dayton Daily News reports that the Tea Party Exchange—a program designed to pair Tea Party members with Tea Party-friendly businesses in a discount program to raise money for the Tea Party has folded… after being announced on Friday.

The reasons are multiple.

First, there was a massive boycott from customers who swore they’d never dine or use the services of any business on the exchange:

The number of businesses participating was just more than two dozen after several dropped out when customers complained.

Then, there was mass confusion and disagreements between the organizers and the […]

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John Kasich is supposedly an intelligent man, but boy, does he come up with some idiotic ideas.

The Kasich campaign was set today to make a major policy announcement, except his press shop completely fucked up and sent the release to bureaus chiefs and not the beat reporters, so some of them had no idea there was even a press conference (lots of people are trying to get their vacations in before the school year starts.)

Kasich’s latest “policy” idea is to decentralize the Ohio Department of Development by turning it into a private non-profit.

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The Kasich campaign finally put out an actual proposal today: “replacing the Ohio Department of Development with a private, nonprofit corporation.”

There are so many problems with John Kasich’s proposal but I’ll focus on the top 3.

#1 : John Kasich’s solution to the employment problem in Ohio is to fire 200+ people

According to Joe Hallet “About half of the current department’s 400 employees who are directly involved in development efforts would lose their jobs”

#2: Eliminating the Department of Development wouldn’t make government any smaller

Again from the Dispatch: “Functions of the agency that are not directly […]

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From MSNBC’s “First Read”:

“Earlier this summer, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it was reserving $49 million in TV airtime in 60 congressional districts across the country, 54 of which are currently held by Democrats. Now, Politico writes, the National Republican Congressional Committee is responding by reserving $22 million in TV airtime in 40 districts, 39 of which are Dem-held seats. Facing a 2-to-1 cash-on-hand disadvantage to its Dem counterpart, the NRCC is concentrating its finite resources on what it considers its top pick-up opportunities, rather than spreading it out among a larger universe of […]

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And yet, this is what consumes our political discourse.   The Republican base must be the dumbest group of neanderthal suckers ever to walk the earth.  They swallow hook, line and sinker, every piece of horseshit their masters force feed them, then regurgitate it verbatim.  The more contrived and convoluted, the better.  All just to keep themselves dumb and exploited.

And our “liberal media” just plays right along, laughing all the way to the bank with the money from P.T. Barnum’s perfected customer base. If this is a “liberal media” to these jackasses, I’d hate to see what passes for conservative […]

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