This is an interesting video from England showing a small town that completely eliminated traffic controls (lights, etc) at a center-of-town junction, with surprising results…

On one hand, I can see how this could work – roundabouts generally handle a lot more traffic than 4-way stops or stoplights do, because everyone keeps moving. (Personally, I love the roundabouts they’ve added at Morse & Johnstown roads in eastern Franklin County, and at the airport parking lots.) On the other hand, driving culture in America seems very poorly suited to this, which requires actually paying attention to your driving, and (astonishingly) people get confused by roundabouts. I’m terrified to think about how the locals would handle the setup shown in that video.

Fewer accidents, less aggravation from sitting at stoplights, less money spent in purchase and maintenance of stoplight systems… if we could get people to understand the proper way to navigate these kinds of setups, and actually pay closer attention to driving, I can see little reason why we wouldn’t want our municipalities to begin migrating to more uncontrolled intersections.