Here’s John Kasich in today’s Reuters story about his former praise of Lehman Brother’s CEO Dick Fuld:

“Fuld is an awesome guy,” Kasich told New York Observer for a September, 2001, story. “He is the kind of guy you want to go into battle with,” the article quoted Kasich as saying. “He is a great leader.”

Kasich backed away a little from his association with Fuld during his Reuters interview, saying: “I called him a good leader because of what he did after 9-11.”

Kasich, though, was interviewed for the story before September 11 and the piece made no mention of the attacks, which destroyed Kasich’s New York office.

 John Kasich cowardly tried to use the memory of 9/11 to excuse his pre-9/11 praise of Lehman Brothers’ CEO.

Seriously, John Kasich has no shame.  He flat out lies about his former hero worship of Lehman’s CEO, and then what does the campaign say when confronted?

Pressed on the issue, spokesman Rob Nichols said Kasich’s comments in 2001 reflected his belief that Fuld was a good leader. But after Lehman’s collapse, Nichols said Kasich was “very disappointed” in Fuld.

So disappointed was Kasich that he try to use the memory of 9/11 to deflect his hero worship and support of Fuld.

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