From the daily archives: Thursday, August 12, 2010

I caught some of this on Maddow last night:

And then I learned from the AP that she hails from Findlay, Ohio.

“I intend for my resignation to offer a concrete example of the consequences of a failed law and social policy,” she wrote in her resignation letter, referring to the law against gays serving openly in the military.

She said she will work through her studies and political activism to win repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law and would apply to return to West Point in the 2011-2012 academic year if that happens […]

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Here’s John Kasich in today’s Reuters story about his former praise of Lehman Brother’s CEO Dick Fuld:

“Fuld is an awesome guy,” Kasich told New York Observer for a September, 2001, story. “He is the kind of guy you want to go into battle with,” the article quoted Kasich as saying. “He is a great leader.”

Kasich backed away a little from his association with Fuld during his Reuters interview, saying: “I called him a good leader because of what he did after 9-11.”

Kasich, though, was interviewed for the story before September 11 and […]

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In March of 2008, John Kasich formed a new PAC called “Recharge Ohio” that took three specific policy positions it was advocating:

A total repeal of the Ohio income tax. A total repeal of the estate tax. And “school choice” (i.e.- school vouchers and massive giveaways with little public accountability for for-profit charter schools.

John Kasich’s PAC was nothing more than an exploratory committee for Governor in disguise.  It was the worst kept secret in Ohio politics, probably because, Kasich asked to be introduced as a possible gubernatorial candidate at the GOP events across Ohio he spoke at […]

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Timken today announced that it is investing $50 million to expand its operations in Canton.

Slated to begin this year, the investment is for the installation of a new intermediate finishing line at the Gambrinus Steel Plant and expansion of the steel lay-down yard at the Harrison Steel Plant’s small-bar mill.

Timken’s Steel Group has had a significant increase in demand across all markets, and 2010 sales are expected to increase by 70 to 80 percent compared to 2009. “The investments have the goal of both meeting demand and continuing to improve the long-term competitiveness of our operations,” […]

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This is an interesting video from England showing a small town that completely eliminated traffic controls (lights, etc) at a center-of-town junction, with surprising results…

On one hand, I can see how this could work – roundabouts generally handle a lot more traffic than 4-way stops or stoplights do, because everyone keeps moving. (Personally, I love the roundabouts they’ve added at Morse & Johnstown roads in eastern Franklin County, and at the airport parking lots.) On the other hand, driving culture in America seems very poorly suited to this, which requires actually paying attention to your driving, and (astonishingly) […]

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Another epic DJBG nugget.  Just a taste.

Plus, you of Cleveland who claim to make it better, how is that going to effect me ? already Tim has paid me for making cards HE DOESN”T EVEN HAVE. James Levin ? i worked the CPT art auction for 10 years and i never had a conversation with captainaloof.

Click through for the full awesomeness.  For the record, I’ve already sent out almost 50 DJBG skyline thank you cards to donors, which is why I need more.  How many donors does Dennis Spisak have again?

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The Akron Beacon Journal reports today’s disappointing economic news:

InfoCision Management Corp. is on a hiring spree.

The country’s second-largest privately held teleservices firm, based in Bath, has seen its business demand increase so dramatically since July 1 that it is hiring 700 people for its 32 centers throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, said company President and Chief Executive Officer Carl Albright.

In the Akron area, there will be 200 new hires at its Springside Drive headquarters complex in Bath Township and a center in Green.

This is all because, thanks to Governor Strickland and his Democratic […]

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From the New York Times:

General Motors said Thursday that it earned $1.3 billion in the second quarter, citing sustained progress in rebuilding operations after emerging from its government-sponsored bankruptcy last year.

The quarterly profit marked G.M.’s strongest financial performance since 2004, and set the stage for the automaker to file for an initial public offering, possible as soon as Friday. It was G.M.’s second consecutive quarterly profit.

That’s up from over $800b in the first quarter.  More evidence that the economy is getting worse:

The second-quarter profit was driven by strong results in G.M.’s core North […]

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After a Russian steel manufacturer backed out of the site, citing the global economy, the Portsmouth Daily Times (where I briefly worked) reports that a contract to sell the property to L.A.-based Reliance Steel for one of its subsidiaries, Infra-Metals, to construct a steel plant that will create 100 new jobs in impoverished Scioto County.

With access to freight rail and the Ohio river, the plant is ideal of steel production as it’s located in a high-coal river valley and there’s a nearby Sun coke production plant in Haverhill that opened in 2005 which already supplies […]

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[HT: Strickland campaign press release]

Yesterday, Lt. Governor candidate Yvette McGee-Brown was in Akron talking about the ticket’s “City Life” urban agenda.

“Ted Strickland has worked every day to grow Ohio jobs from the bottom up – investing in education, empowering small businesses by increasing access to capital and eliminating red tape, and encouraging innovation with programs like the Third Frontier,” McGee Brown said.

“Ted and I also believe that vibrant cities are the key to kick starting our economy,” McGee Brown continued.  “That is why I am so excited that Ohio’s cities will be the center of my service […]

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