My question to Republican county council candidate Matt Brakey.

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  • mvirenicus

    Based on Matt's comments my educated guess is that he's a libertarian. That's fine. As a proud socialist I'm not afraid to describe my views on social issues as libertarian. The problem with most self-described libertarians in america is that their social stances come alongside the unencumbered free market, economic darwinist nuttery. As a matter of fact it seems to me that most american libertarians have abandoned their social libertarianism and now focus solely on the economic aspects. At least that now seems to be their emphasis. Always be mindful of the bed partners you choose.

  • puzzled

    Matt, is also a social Libertarian.

  • tudorman

    Wait a minute…

    “I’m also in favor of legalization of marijuana in Cuyahoga County, in much the same way as California is about to do by referendum.”

    How in the world would that work? Federal law makes marijuana illegal! Cuyahoga County can't pass laws that contradict federal law, can they?

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