As Gov. Strickland toured a small employee-owned manufacturing company in Steubenville, the Governor talked about recent successes in Washington against Chinese steel dumping and what its meant for steel manufacturing in Ohio:

Strickland noted that trade policies, including a recent ruling protecting American pipe manufacturers from dumping by the Chinese, led to the $650 million project under way to build a new steel mill near Youngstown, V&M Star Steel. He noted he had testified about the impact of dumping on Ohio mills and manufacturers. Strickland said U.S. Steel plans to announce another $600 million investment in steel facilities at Lorain and Northwestern Ohio.

U.S. Steel confirms that it has filed the necessary paperwork with the SEC that it is planning to expand its tubular and flat rolled capacity in Ohio with a $600 million investment.

It’d be just swell if Ohio media picked this story up besides a paper in West Virginia. It’s been pointed out that the Cleveland Plain Dealer has covered this story back in March.  However, it’s still rather incredible how little coverage such an event gets in the media that is supposedly obsessed over Ohio’s economy right now.  The company continues to make progress for a ground breaking on the expanded facilities sometime this year.

But then again, we can’t report on it here because Ohio is a terrible state to do business says John Kasich, and it would be unfair to him to point out that there’s a recovery going on in Ohio’s manufacturing sector.

I blame Ted Strickland.

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