Check out the entire poll results of the latest NBC/WSJ poll.  Here’s some interesting numbers that paint a picture that we’re not seeing, necessarily a “GOP wave” approaching ‘06 or ‘08.

Obama’s approval generally and on the issues and Congress is still very low.  The number of Americans who see the country on the wrong track is still high, but slightly lower.

And yet, opinion of the Republican Party has never been lower.  Harry Reid does better!

While the poll finds that voters are just as enthused as voting in 2008 and 2006, voters are split 43% to 42% in which party they want to Congress… with the Democrats at 43%.  In 2006, Democrats had a ten-point advantage on this issue at this point in the election as the Democrats were poised to take over the Congress.  In 2008, it was an 11-point Democratic advantage.

51% of Americans find this election as important as any other.  Only 44% find it more important.  Democrats have a twelve-point advantage on health care.  Getting the country out of the recession or dealing with the economy?  No statistical advantage for either party.  That’s yet another thing the GOP needs to have a double-digit advantage in order to have a tide like the Democrats had the last two cycle.

(Obama’s approval on the oil spill?  It’s back to a 50% with disapproval dropping 12-points.)

The sum total paints a picture where Americans are not happy, but they are totally unsold on the Republican Party as the solution, unlike they were in 2006 and 2008 for the Democrats.

This is not different than what plenty of other national polls have shown.

The absences of polling showing a Democratic tide is not the same thing as evidence of a Republican one.

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