Mary Taylor was in the Youngstown area yesterday bashing the Strickland Administration as part of the Kasich-Taylor Great American Outsourcing Tour.  She promised business leaders that Kasich-Taylor would do what Strickland has already done.

From the Youngstown Business Journal:

“We need to go in a different direction,” Taylor said.

She emphasized the need to ease the regulatory environment for small businesses, reducing the tax burden for companies and also helping to improve and strengthen Ohio’s job-training capabilities.

When is someone in the media going to finally called Taylor on this bullshit?  Because of Governor Strickland’s support, Ohio’s personal income taxes are 17% lower.  We’ve virtually eliminated the tangible property and totally eliminated inventory taxes and created a more business-friendly corporate tax structure.

Governor Strickland has repealed hundreds of regulations that an independent panel found were unnecessary and harmful to businesses.  He’s revised thousands more.  These are regulations that existed largely untouched during sixteen years of GOP-only rule in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.  Untouched by former state lawmakers like… Mary Taylor.

We’ve seen reform and regional partnerships created with our worker retraining program, including working with other States like Indiana (John Kasich’s BFF), to pool and maximize resources.

I’d like to see the media ask Mary Taylor to cite one regulation she thinks needs to be repealed and then show what she has tried to do in her various elected offices to repeal it.  Because so far, she hasn’t volunteered to give one in a single speech.

To show you how completely phony this “Republicans are for repealing business regulations that you say hurt your business, while Democrats support them” meme is, let’s take a look at the only example cited in the article by a business leader:

John Burgan, owner and broker of Burgan Realty, noted that he has some concerns over the hike in the minimum wage, passed as a constitutional amendment in 2008. The amendment calls for an increase in the minimum wage up to $7.15 an hour based on the consumer price index. However, Burgan noted that the minimum wage law appears to be having the reverse effect, causing small-business owners to hire fewer people who assume more responsibilities.

“It’s affected restaurants,” he said. “You can see it at the local level.”

Mary Taylor has supported increasing the minimum wage in the past, even though she did not support that particular constitutional amendment which simply ties the minimum wage to inflation.  Did she mention that or defend her vote?  No, of course not.  Does anyone in the media call her out on it?  No, of course not.  (Although David Skolnick did include a quote by the Strickland campaign that pointed out that much of what Taylor is promising is precisely what the Strickland Administration has already done.)

Kasich is literally running on a continuation of Ted Strickland’s actual record, and few in the media (but this blog and David Skolnick) have pointed that out.

As for the job retraining issue?

During the discussion with business owners, Taylor asked if there have been problems with the state’s job-training programs and the working relationship between businesses and universities. The business owners said no.

Great job, Mary.

The more I hear John Kasich and Mary Taylor talk about a “New Way,” the more I wonder what’s new about it as it sure does sound like Ted Strickland’s record.