From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check out the entire poll results of the latest NBC/WSJ poll.  Here’s some interesting numbers that paint a picture that we’re not seeing, necessarily a “GOP wave” approaching ‘06 or ‘08.

Obama’s approval generally and on the issues and Congress is still very low.  The number of Americans who see the country on the wrong track is still high, but slightly lower.

And yet, opinion of the Republican Party has never been lower.  Harry Reid does better!

While the poll finds that voters are just as enthused as voting in 2008 and 2006, voters are split 43% to […]

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As Gov. Strickland toured a small employee-owned manufacturing company in Steubenville, the Governor talked about recent successes in Washington against Chinese steel dumping and what its meant for steel manufacturing in Ohio:

Strickland noted that trade policies, including a recent ruling protecting American pipe manufacturers from dumping by the Chinese, led to the $650 million project under way to build a new steel mill near Youngstown, V&M Star Steel. He noted he had testified about the impact of dumping on Ohio mills and manufacturers. Strickland said U.S. Steel plans to announce another $600 million investment in steel facilities […]

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So some in the conservative blogsphere is getting the vapors over a Gibbs poll (where did he get the money to conduct a poll with only $200k on hand to Space’s over $1.2 million?) that shows him virtually tied with Space.

This is the same playbook that David Yost has already tried:

With fledging resources and growing speculation that your race is not worth a “bailout” by the NRCC which is poised to drop your race off its radar, even in a good GOP year, you quickly hire a virtually unknown polling outfit which caters to creating favorable […]

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Mary Taylor was in the Youngstown area yesterday bashing the Strickland Administration as part of the Kasich-Taylor Great American Outsourcing Tour.  She promised business leaders that Kasich-Taylor would do what Strickland has already done.

From the Youngstown Business Journal:

“We need to go in a different direction,” Taylor said.

She emphasized the need to ease the regulatory environment for small businesses, reducing the tax burden for companies and also helping to improve and strengthen Ohio’s job-training capabilities.

When is someone in the media going to finally called Taylor on this bullshit?  Because of Governor Strickland’s support, Ohio’s personal […]

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My question to Republican county council candidate Matt Brakey.

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