I don’t know why the Columbus Dispatch  does this story every gubernatorial election, but they do.  They ask a bunch of completely irrelevant/irreverent questions to try to “humanize” the candidates.

18. What is your preferred alcoholic beverage?

TS: Jack Daniel’s

JK: Red wine

Asked about their favorite NASCAR driver, Kasich names Jr., but then says he prefers seeing him in Indy cars.  You don’t pay to see Ricky Bobby in an Indy car, Johnny.

Strickland then shows his humor:

12. Would you rather have lunch with William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Clancy or Stephen King?

TS: Lunch with Twain, drinks with Hemingway

JK: Shakespeare

Given a perfect opportunity to shed his elitist image, Kasich instead presents himself as a red-wine drinking fan of the IndyCars series over NASCAR who’d rather be seen sitting across with Shakespeare (a man none of us could even understand to have a conversation with now) than an American author.

Yep, you read that right, John Kasich doesn’t even buy American literature.  He’d totally outsource that. 

(Incidentally, neither apparently understand what constitutes as a “fast food” restaurant, as I don’t consider Big Boy nor Bob Evans to be one.)

Just like Sarah Palin, John Kasich gets his information from all of the newspapers in the world.  Apparently, he doesn’t watch Fox News unless he’s on it (nor does he apparently spend his free weekend time with his kids?  Too busy exercising and praying, I guess.)  I’m starting to see Kasich as the dad on Moral Orel.

(Avoid the study, kids…)

Don’t you feel more informed as  a voter now?