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Governor Ted Strickland is out touring Ohio’s growing manufacturing renaissance:

Governor Ted Strickland says Ohio is beginning to show signs of coming out of this economic recession. He says Ohio was ranked number three in the country for creating jobs two months ago, and it added 17,000 additional jobs last month. But Strickland feels more needs to be done.

Strickland met with Zwelling and other county officials to tour the Bloomer Candy Company Monday afternoon. He says manufacturing may become a key player in the Buckeye State again, despite the fall of steel mills and outsourcing to other countries.

"It does seem to me as if we are starting to see a resurgence in the manufacturing sector of our state and our country. That’s good because for a while, Americans stopped making things, " says Strickland.

Strickland has visited the opening of two new steel plants in the state within the past two months.

He also says Ohioans needs to invest in furthering young people’s education and jobs that can come from renewable sources of energy. Encouraging small business is also yielding some promising results.

"We all would like a big Ford Motor Company plant or a Xerox plant, but most of the new jobs being created in Ohio and throughout the country aren’t coming from the big corporations, but these jobs are coming from small businesses," says Strickland.

Jobs that are helping us emerge from this economic downturn. It may be a slow process, but Strickland says we’re heading in the right direction.

Strickland also toured Freeport Press in Harrison County this morning with 18th District US Congressman Zack Space, where 40 new jobs are being created.

So Ohio lead the nation in job growth in April and then was third in the nation in May.  These also happened to be the two biggest months of job growth, in the nation, for the year so far.

Gee, why would Ohio be seeing a resurgence in manufacturing?  I wonder if the President of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association might have any thoughts on the matter?

Eric Burkland, president of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, told [Joe Hallett] recently that Strickland has helped position Ohio for better days: “We’ve got a tax structure right now that beats anybody,” he said.”For the state level, we have the best tax structure for an export-oriented, goods-producing state in the country.”” [Columbus Dispatch 1/10/2010]

Enjoy the ride, Johnny.

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