Governor Strickland released his first radio ad today and pivots from Lehman to Kasich’s favorite topic: J-O-B-S. The ad features the story of Pat Spayde, who lost his job thanks to Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s support for unfair trade deals. John’s support of big business and outsourcing has hurt Ohioans like Pay Spayde.

“We were doing good work here in Ohio and then I lost my job to outsourcing. It was those bad trade deals out of Washington that cost me my job. It was tough on my whole family,” says Spayde, a former Tenneco, Inc., employee in Milan. “So when I heard that Congressman John Kasich voted for all those trade deals that sent Ohio jobs overseas – I couldn’t believe it.”

Listen to the ad:

[audio:|titles=Ted Strickland Radio Ad – Pat]

“Now Kasich wants to be Governor?,” Spayde asks. “I don’t think Ohio can trust a Governor who outsourced American jobs.”

The more Ohioans learn about John Kasich the less they are going to like what he’s already done to the state and what he’d do if we hand him the keys. As Ted said recently, we won’t need a seat belt for the kinds of things he’ll do to the state. We’ll need a crash helmet!

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