From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

John Kasich has all but refused to answer any real questions about important topics like jobs, the budget, taxes, etc. It’s exactly these types of questions that the Plain Dealer’s Voter Guide presents to candidates and even though all of the other candidates (including the Libertarian and Green) in the race responded to the PD months ago John Kasich has refused.

John Kasich did, however, jump at the chance to answer some softball personal questions from the Dispatch about his eating and drinking habits and he STILL came off looking like an elitist douche.

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I don’t know why the Columbus Dispatch  does this story every gubernatorial election, but they do.  They ask a bunch of completely irrelevant/irreverent questions to try to “humanize” the candidates.

18. What is your preferred alcoholic beverage?

TS: Jack Daniel’s

JK: Red wine

Asked about their favorite NASCAR driver, Kasich names Jr., but then says he prefers seeing him in Indy cars.  You don’t pay to see Ricky Bobby in an Indy car, Johnny.

Strickland then shows his humor:

12. Would you rather have lunch with William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Tom Clancy or Stephen King?

TS: […]

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Governor Strickland released his first radio ad today and pivots from Lehman to Kasich’s favorite topic: J-O-B-S. The ad features the story of Pat Spayde, who lost his job thanks to Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s support for unfair trade deals. John’s support of big business and outsourcing has hurt Ohioans like Pay Spayde.

“We were doing good work here in Ohio and then I lost my job to outsourcing. It was those bad trade deals out of Washington that cost me my job. It was tough on my whole family,” says Spayde, a former Tenneco, Inc., employee in […]

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Governor Ted Strickland is out touring Ohio’s growing manufacturing renaissance:

Governor Ted Strickland says Ohio is beginning to show signs of coming out of this economic recession. He says Ohio was ranked number three in the country for creating jobs two months ago, and it added 17,000 additional jobs last month. But Strickland feels more needs to be done.

Strickland met with Zwelling and other county officials to tour the Bloomer Candy Company Monday afternoon. He says manufacturing may become a key player in the Buckeye State again, despite the fall of steel mills and […]

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