I posted on this Friday, but it keeps getting better. The funny thing about the release from the Cordray folks on Friday is that I heard there was a problem with Mike DeWine and his campaign even getting an email out correctly, much less defending his ideas in a debate. I never got any detailed information on that incident, but it sounded like typical GOP campaign #fail.

Now we learn that Mike DeWine is ducking real debates in favor of events that will avoid him being pounded by the much better equipped Rich Cordray:

In a news release last Friday, DeWine called on Cordray to participate in two events he described as “debates,” an invitation Cordray readily accepted. In the time since, Cordray’s campaign has discovered that the proposed events will include no interaction between the two candidates on the issues and – in one instance – no audience. Cordray had previously agreed to participate in two well-known debates sponsored by the Cleveland City Club and the University of Akron/Akron Press Club, both of which DeWine either ignored or declined.

Turn down Cleveland City Club and Akron Press Club? Come on Mike. Man up! Rich is pretty harmless afterall…unless you’re trying to mislead Ohioans. He’s a bulldog then. Don’t be scared Mike. Debate Rich Cordray!

Cordray for Ohio

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