So far, former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine’s entire campaign for Attorney General is based on a two-prong strategy:

  1. Attack Richard Cordray over not joining in a health care lawsuit that polling shows a large majority of Ohioans oppose despite their misgivings over health care reform.
  2. Attack Richard Cordray over delays in the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification’s forensic lab on DNA testing.

This is not what you call a powerful campaign strategy.

The first is an issue in which it would appear Cordray has the support a majority of Ohio voters.  The second is so obscure you can’t imagine it would move voters… if it were even true. 

PolitiFact rated DeWine’s charge has half true because it did find a few incidents in which the DNA crime lab took up to six months or longer to process DNA samples submitted for testing.

However, it also found that over 92% of the time, it took less than six months.  Therefore, DeWine’s attack is highly misleading as he’s citing rare exceptions to the general rule and misleading people in thinking that’s the typical processing time.  The Plain Dealer also found that the average wait time has decreased thanks to staffing and automation changes Cordray instituted in the lab.

And on the same day, this news comes out:

FBI Lab’s Forensic Testing Backlog Traced To Controversial DNA Database

The FBI, which is regarded as the “gold standard” in law enforcement… it has a two-year backlog on DNA tests in violent crimes and missing person cases.  And that backlog is growing.

Ohio’s BCI crime lab is doing better than the FBI in getting DNA tests done in a timely manner, and it’s getting even better.

Thanks for bringing it up, Senator!