I was just watching the video of the Kasich ad that Modern posted earlier today and I’m completely baffled by the meaning of this quote from John Kasich:

“My father carried mail… it was very, very tough… but the job was something people could count on for a lifetime.”

Is he saying postal workers deserve tenure like college professors?

Is he finally admitting that his success in private life was only possible because of publicly-funded jobs like postal worker and congressman?

Or is he praising the job security enjoyed by postal workers and other government employees that comes from the hard work of labor groups like The American Postal Workers Union.

Here, again, is the ad. You tell me…



  • Very good point, but I might just say that not only did Modern post the ad but I did as well – first thing this morning. Coined “Little Orphan Johnnie” too. 🙁

    But really. Excellent point. Maybe some media types will take the ball and run with it. Ask John if he's pro-union now. Ask him if he credits the work of unions who allowed his dad to have a “job for life”. Ask him if his success is something he credits taxpayers for funding.

    Sound like reasonable questions to me. I doubt they'll be asked.

  • Anastasjoy

    I cannot tell you because Kasich seems to be bouncing all over, making statements that are all disconnected from each other — and from reality. It stuns me that they have the gall to claim that voters now have “buyer's remorse” over electing Democrats, as if they wanted another 16 years of the catastrophic failure Ohio previously “enjoyed,” or more of the trade deals shoved through by the right that killed jobs by the hundreds of thousands.

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