Here’s State Auditor Mary Taylor in today’s Lancaster Eagle Gazette:

On its Web site,, the campaign is asking Ohioans to submit their ideas on how to improve the state. It also allows them the opportunity to report on government waste, corruption and over-regulation. Since it’s launch, the site has had more than 13,000 visitors and, according to Taylor, generated some good ideas.

Fix Ohio Now launched on or about June 10th.  And they’re bragging about getting “more than 13,000 visitors?”

Our traffic numbers are kind of a trade secret, but I can disclose that we easily beat those number by more than a factor of three.

So more people have come here to hear Tim talk about his county council race, me talk about Big Butter Jesus and Kasich intern Colton Henson posing as a “protestor” to the media at a Strickland event than people who have visited Kasich’s idea site.  I’m sure we aren’t the only political blog in Ohio that beats Kasich’s blog on traffic.  Heck, I bet even the Carpetblogger in Virginia has gotten more traffic than that!  Yep, more people would rather see my snark of over ODP’s “prom,” morph Kasich into Lil’ Orphan Annie or the Incredible Hulk, or suggest that he wanted to kill Elmo in Congress than submit an idea for his ticket.

In fact, it looks like nobody has really submitted any ideas to post in weeks, if not months.  How many “ideas” made it through the Kasich’s campaigning screening process? 576. (Half were probably from the Carpetblogger.)

We almost have that many people following us on Twitter.  (P.S.- Please follow us on Twitter!)

FixOhioNow was nothing more than a naked political gimmick, and not a very successful one at that.  So far the only idea Kasich campaign seems to have adopted was the one to emulate Mitch Daniels… who said you can’t really blame a Governor for job losses in this recession (great idea, FixOhioNow!)

You’re more likely to find negative comments about Kasich’s ads on his campaign blog than participation in FixOhioNow.

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