I found John Kasich’s latest TV ad curious. For a couple different reasons. First that the Kasich team would use DHL an example of Ohio job loss. Clearly they’d like to build the perception that the losses were due to the Governor mismanaging the state or for creating some non-existent “poor business tax environment”.

The reality of the DHL situation goes well beyond cute local or regional politics and speaks directly to the global financial meltdown. The “Lehman Brothers Recession”. It seems almost anything Kasich tries to hit Strickland with ends up right back in his lap and this one is no different. A DHL spokesperson said back in 2008:

“It has been an extremely tough year for the express business in the United States and for the shipping industry as a whole,” he said. “More must be done now to protect our interests, and we’re going to focus on what we do better than anyone else, and that’s international shipping.”

Indeed, the global recession undercut DHL plans to compete with the likes of FedEx in domestic overnight shipping. The real root cause of over 7,000 jobs lost in Wilmington, Ohio can be traced right back to Kasich’s buddies at Lehman and the global economic meltdown that the failure of Lehman Brothers caused. Ohioans were a victim to the “perfect storm” of economic distress brought on by the Lehman Brothers failure. Let’s remember. Depending on which John Kasich you believe, Lehman Brothers is either one of John Kasich’s biggest so called “business experiences” that will enable him to help bring Ohio back from a brink his former company brought us to, or he was merely a bit player with no real business experience in a two man office in Columbus. Take your pick Johnnie.

I’m not sure who is doing the messaging over at Kamp Kasich, but they’ve stepped in it again. If you think “Lehman” is the only thing hanging over his head you are going to be sorely mistaken. Managing John’s campaign must be like running through a house of mirrors. Every step of the way you think you know where you are going only to find your own reflection – a reflection you keep running head first into.

This latest ad is no different. Remind the people of Ohio about outsourcing and foreign ownership, John. Go right ahead. Running through the fun house can indeed be fun! It can also be fraught with danger. You can’t be a player – bit or not – in the game that led to the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression and then tell a story about hardship in Ohio without anyone connecting the dots.

Not gonna happen.

The second reason I find the ad somewhat curious is the morphing of John Kasich into Little Orphan Johnnie. His big message is “the sun will come out tomorrow?”

WTF? Really. That’s it?

We have no effing clue how we’ll pay for eliminating the state income tax, but we are quite sure the sun will come up tomorrow. We have no idea what our plan is for helping Ohio come out on the upswing from the global recession, but we think the sun will come out tomorrow?

Please tell me you have more than this. How are you coming on that 70%?

Maybe we should update the graphic to the new Kasich-Taylor campaign slogan:

So now we know what Johnnie’s been doing the last few weeks during those gray days as Team Strickland keeps banging on him. He’s been singing:

Johnnie Kasich may not ever get to be President, but some day by golly he’s going to be a real live boy!

Full Kasich ad after the jump…

Kasich’s new TV ad:

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