From the daily archives: Monday, August 9, 2010

I was just watching the video of the Kasich ad that Modern posted earlier today and I’m completely baffled by the meaning of this quote from John Kasich:

“My father carried mail… it was very, very tough… but the job was something people could count on for a lifetime.”

Is he saying postal workers deserve tenure like college professors?

Is he finally admitting that his success in private life was only possible because of publicly-funded jobs like postal worker and congressman?

Or is he praising the job security enjoyed by postal workers and other government employees that comes […]

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Over a year ago when John Kasich spoke about Ohio’s economy, he said it was in a “death spiral” that need his “game changing” income tax repeal in order to recover.  Now, Kasich attempts to pull off his best “Gipper” impersonation that sounds more like Lil’ Orphan Annie declaring that the “sun will come out tomorrow” than Reagan’s “Morning in America.”

Did Kasich’s folks ever actually see Reagan’s Morning in America ad?  Clearly not when you compare the two:



Kasich’s optics are just terrible:

I thought if you listen to the ad, or watched the […]

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So far, former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine’s entire campaign for Attorney General is based on a two-prong strategy:

Attack Richard Cordray over not joining in a health care lawsuit that polling shows a large majority of Ohioans oppose despite their misgivings over health care reform. Attack Richard Cordray over delays in the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification’s forensic lab on DNA testing.

This is not what you call a powerful campaign strategy.

The first is an issue in which it would appear Cordray has the support a majority of Ohio voters.  The second is so obscure you can’t […]

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Yeah, I’m stunned, too.

Tom Blumer actual wrote these words and put them on the Internets about last week’s July jobs report:

And that number is … pretty darned good — so good that I wonder if the press is all of a sudden going to discover the virtues of looking at actual results instead of the ones that are seasoned: …

The +91K seen on the ground in July is 191,000 jobs better than the acceptability benchmark set before the report came out. That’s impressive. The Birth/Death model isn’t skewing things either. The GM factor I cited earlier […]

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I posted on this Friday, but it keeps getting better. The funny thing about the release from the Cordray folks on Friday is that I heard there was a problem with Mike DeWine and his campaign even getting an email out correctly, much less defending his ideas in a debate. I never got any detailed information on that incident, but it sounded like typical GOP campaign #fail.

Now we learn that Mike DeWine is ducking real debates in favor of events that will avoid him being pounded by the much better equipped Rich Cordray:

In a news release […]

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Here’s State Auditor Mary Taylor in today’s Lancaster Eagle Gazette:

On its Web site,, the campaign is asking Ohioans to submit their ideas on how to improve the state. It also allows them the opportunity to report on government waste, corruption and over-regulation. Since it’s launch, the site has had more than 13,000 visitors and, according to Taylor, generated some good ideas.

Fix Ohio Now launched on or about June 10th.  And they’re bragging about getting “more than 13,000 visitors?”

Our traffic numbers are kind of a trade secret, but I can disclose that we easily […]

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I found Kasich’s ad incredibly vapid, and the choice of a Ralph Lauren shirt while trying to appear “blue collar” was a poor optic.  Apparently, I’m not alone.  Even Kasich’s supporters are sick of his lack of a plan for Ohio, while promising everyone rainbows and unicorns.

John Kasich’s Pollyannaish ad is getting criticism from an unlikely source… John Kasich supporters on its official campaign blog:

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We’re getting some pushback from local folks within the “Freedom Alliance” about questions as to whether its a legitimate charity.  However, a recap of the story reveals that this isn’t some liberal plot to “smear” Sean Hannity.

I wrote about this issue back in March when this story first blew up when conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel first wrote about her review of the tax filings.

Schlussel never said that the organization didn’t help any veterans.  But she indicated that the notion that 100% of the proceeds of the ticket sales goes to scholarships to the children […]

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I found John Kasich’s latest TV ad curious. For a couple different reasons. First that the Kasich team would use DHL an example of Ohio job loss. Clearly they’d like to build the perception that the losses were due to the Governor mismanaging the state or for creating some non-existent “poor business tax environment”.

The reality of the DHL situation goes well beyond cute local or regional politics and speaks directly to the global financial meltdown. The “Lehman Brothers Recession”. It seems almost anything Kasich tries to hit Strickland with ends up right back in his lap and […]

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