I posted last night about John Kasich speaking at a Freedom Alliance concert in Cincinnati organized by the same company that employees him as a speaker.

As I mentioned, the concerts are run by Ollie North and Sean Hannity’s sham charity Freedom Alliance that claims to raise money for the family members of injured and killed American service members but actually spends the money on crap like flying Hannity around on private jets.

Kasich’s campaign and his online pals were all over Twitter last night talking about John’s support of the troops while ripping on Governor Strickland for attending the Democratic Party dinner.

The thing is: everyone at the Democratic party dinner knew what they were paying for. It was a fundraiser for the party. But the people who attended the Freedom Alliance concert THOUGHT they were paying 100+ dollars to help support the troops when a big portion of their money was actually going to fly Sean Hannity and Oliver North around in style.

The really fucked up thing is that it is VERY likely a part of that money went to pay John Kasich’s speaking fees for the night while he claimed to be ‘supporting the troops’.

And how much money did John get for this gig?

According to SpeakerWiki.org his rates start at TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS per speech.

You heard that right. $20K. Just for showing up and talking.

Assuming he was paid his normal rate John Kasich just pocketed $20K for doing nothing more than showing up in his own state and giving his normal campaign speech. $20K that was promised to the families of American service members. $20K that a bunch of concert goers THOUGHT was going to help our troops and their families.

I sincerely hope the Republican candidate for Governor isn’t that big of a douchebag. I really do. But from what I’ve seen and heard over the past few months it wouldn’t surprise at all.