John Kasich’s friends have been twittering all night about his appearance at tonight’s Freedom Concert in Cincinnati. His bestest buddy Jai Chabria even had the honor of accompanying Kasich to the event and he posted this awesome photo of John wearing his finest parachute pants to tonight’s festivities:

The problem here isn’t just John’s poorly sized Khakis. It’s the event to which he decided to wear them. These Freedom Concerts are nothing more than a scam devised by Sean Hannity, Oliver North and North’s buddy Duane Ward to deceive and rip off concert-goers for their own personal benefit while pretending to provide extensive assistance to the families of American troops.

The Freedom Alliance claims to be using 100% of the proceeds from the concerts to help fund scholarships for the families of killed or injured troops but the numbers just don’t add up. Supposedly “less than 20%–and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively–of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes.”

As I mentioned, Duane Ward is involved in this scam. He is the guy who ran good old Ollie’s legal defense fund back in the 80’s when Colonel North was caught selling weapons to our honorable Iranian “allies”. But lately Duane Ward has focused more on his other businesses. One is Premier Marketing, which “markets and manages” the freedom concerts and the other is the Premier Speakers Bureau, which represents patriotic and conservative Americans like Sean Hannity, Oliver North, that creepy Krohn kid and… yep, you guessed it… John Kasich.

Hannity, North and Kasich are all very well paid speakers. In the one year (2008) John Kasich actually revealed his income, he earned $165,719 in speaking fees alone. Based on what we know about Kasich and Duane and these freedom concerts, we have absolutely every reason to assume that Kasich was paid for this speech even though his campaign and his friends have been spinning it as him simply supporting the troops.

We all know John Kasich will never, ever, EVER show anyone any of his tax statements for any other year – and certainly not this year – but it still seems worth asking: how much was John Kasich paid for tonight’s appearance?