Apparently, Jon Keeling and Kasich’s “Tweetleaders for Failure” believes that one outsourced low wage call center that was used to administer a program that saved hundreds, if not thousands, of high paying Whirlpool and other appliance manufacturing jobs in Ohio equals Strickland to Kasich’s record on outsourcing.

Seriously?  You want to throw down on that?

I’ll take that fight.



Kasich voted, willingly, for trade deals with China that are estimated to have cost Ohio 90,000 jobs.   Ted Strickland voted no, saying it would cost Ohio jobs.

John Kasich voted, intentionally, for the approval of NAFTA that is estimated to have cost Ohio nearly 50,000 jobsTed Strickland voted no, saying it would cost Ohio jobs.

Before Ted Strickland was in Congress, John Kasich voted for tax policies that subsidized moving American jobs overseas.  (H.R. 3545, Roll call vote #392, 10/29/1987.)

John Kasich proposed ending worker retraining assistance for workers who lost their jobs as a result of Kasich’s “free” trade policies.  President Bill Clinton and the Congressional Democrats told Chairman Kasich no way.

The Ohio Department of Development was guilty of negligently failing to foresee the possibility that a Texas company they contracted with might outsource its call center to Central America (made possible thanks to Rob Portman’s successful efforts to get CAFTA passed) and not drafting a contract that precluded that possibility. 

But if that negligent absence of foresight requires answers about this “gaping wound” caused by the loss of one low-wage call center, as Keeling portrays it, then how do you described the repeated and deliberate acts of outsourcing by John Kasich and Rob Portman?  Maybe before Jon Keeling demands answers from Governor Ted Strickland and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher over one call center, he’d demand similar answers with the same vigor of Kasich and Portman over our steel industry?  Auto industry?  Hell, just pick one, there’s plenty to choose from, Keeling.

If John Kasich’s campaign wants to have a debate about candidate’s policies that have lead to outsourcing Ohio jobs, just let us know when and where to show up.  I’m pretty sure Ted Strickland would be more than happy to appear.

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