From the daily archives: Friday, August 6, 2010

Today’s the anniversary of a couple of big events. I have mixed opinions about the bombing of Hiroshima, but the signing the Voting Rights Act by President Johnson in 1965 is a pretty damn big deal.

I looked at a couple of ways of approaching this topic in a post today but I think Treasurer Kevin Boyce covered it much better than I could have in this video:

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Apparently, Jon Keeling and Kasich’s “Tweetleaders for Failure” believes that one outsourced low wage call center that was used to administer a program that saved hundreds, if not thousands, of high paying Whirlpool and other appliance manufacturing jobs in Ohio equals Strickland to Kasich’s record on outsourcing.

Seriously?  You want to throw down on that?

I’ll take that fight.



Kasich voted, willingly, for trade deals with China that are estimated to have cost Ohio 90,000 jobs.   Ted Strickland voted no, saying it would cost Ohio jobs.

John Kasich voted, intentionally, for the […]

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Cordray Smacks DeWine on Debates

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Damn. What’s with Democratic candidates lately taking it to the GOP? Keep it comin’ folks! Rich Cordray is the latest with some pretty aggressive messaging:

Attorney General Cordray is happy to debate as many times as it takes for Ohio voters to remember why they voted overwhelmingly to oust Senator DeWine four years ago, and why they would not now want to restore him to office as attorney general. (full release in extended post)

LOL. That’s the old pepper! Anytime, anyplace says the former Jeopardy champion. Rich would probably handle himself well in polemic pugilism against the likes of DeWine. […]

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Lock up the liquor, the silver, and the fine china, because Plunderbund is going to totally crash the ODP prom tomorrow night!

Despite the fact that Ohio went for Bob Taft, George Bush (twice), and the Party didn’t win its first non-judicial Statewide election since 1996 until 2006, we’re celebrating Ohio’s Blue Decade…. Whoooo Hoooo!

The last time any Ohio blogger covered the ODP’s State Party Dinner it was because some Kenyan guy named Iraqi Hussein Nobama from Illinois bought a table for bloggers in the hopes we’d help him handle some “URGENT BUSINESS MATTER” about some unknown wealthy […]

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