It’s been two weeks since the last Rasmussen Reports poll came out.  Just like the Senate race, the last three polls in the race have all been Rasmussen.

For almost a month, neither the DGA nor the Strickland campaign has been running any ads in Ohio.  So, the Kasich-Taylor campaign has had the airwaves all to themselves.

Here’s what Rasmussen has shown over the past month.

Pre-Kasich ad:

(Rasmussen 7/5/10)

  • Kasich: 47%
  • Strickland: 40%
  • Kasich Very Unfavorable: 16%

Bruce Banner Kasich

Immediately after Kasich ad starting running:

(Rasmussen 7/21/10)

  • Kasich: 48%
  • Strickland: 43%
  • Kasich Very Unfavorable: 16%

Bruce Banner Kasich

Now, now, John…. Strickland only gained three points… nothing to get concerned about, our ad just starting running, sir….

Kasich after the ad has been running for weeks with competing RGA ads bashing Strickland over the economy:

(Rasmussen 8/5/10)

“Republican John Kasich’s support has fallen to its lowest level to date as he challenges Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland in Ohio’s gubernatorial race.”

  • Kasich: 45%
  • Strickland 42%
  • Kasich Very Unfavorable: 18%

“Crap, hide the coffee!”

Let me repeat that again.  After nearly a month on the airwaves to himself, John Kasich’s support has never been lower and his Very Unfavorables have never been higher according to Rasmussen!

Kasich was actually stronger in a head-to-head matchup against Strickland before he ran his first ad and the RGA and his campaign were running ads exclusively (according to Rasmussen.)

John Kasich’s ads… they just didn’t get the jobs done.