This is one of the most bizarre political attacks I have ever seen.

J-Group, a pro-Israel lobbying group, asked Mary Jo Kilroy to sign a letter that other members of Congress were signing urging President Obama to put diplomatic pressure on Israel to resolve the blockade that many foreign policy experts said was actually strengthening Hamas.

A policy change that Israel made as urged in the letter that Kilroy signed.

Now, a neo-con group headed by Bill Kristol is running a highly misleading ad accusing Kilroy of…being an enemy of Israel.


I let this post from Huffington Post take it from there:

“What we really want to know is when Bill Kristol and his reactionary friends are going to start running ads against Prime Minister Netanyahu and calling him anti-Israel for easing the blockade in accordance with the spirit of the letter,” said Brad Bauman, the campaign’s communications director.

As Bauman notes, it seems disingenuous to define the letter at the crux of the debate, while sympathetic to the plight of those in Gaza, as anti-Israel. It was put together by J-Street, a pro-Israel group that has endured the wrath of the neoconservative community but argues that its version of Mideast politics is more grounded in reality than Kristol’s.

“Is the Emergency Committee’s next move going to be running an attack ad against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for changing policy in Gaza?” said Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J Street, in a separate statement to the Huffington Post. “After all, the Netanyahu Government has now adopted the very approach in Gaza that Kilroy and her colleagues called for last January ago.”

If there’s anything that Bill Kristol has proven over the past ten years, he is a savvy expert on the nuisances of Middle East foreign policy.

Snark attacks are rampant this time of year.

Bill Kristol asks, why does the Prime Minister of Israel hate Israel?